Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Holy smokes! How could I have been so remiss in directing you to the guest post I wrote for gorgeous Clare's blog?? This is what happens when you get old, folks -- and when you're in the midst of moving. At any rate, it's certainly not too late to stop in and check it out. Clare is running a whole series of "Fashion Is..." posts and kindly asked me to contribute a few words about fashion as a creative outlet. Click here to read it!

As you can see, this is not my usual background. It was one of those hectic days; the good camera was over at Mark's place because he was taking shop photos, and I was on my way to have cocktails that evening with Chelsea. Mark's place being closer to where she and I were meeting, I went there instead of home and took my outfit photos in front of the rather ghetto-looking setup we have for the shop photos. Looking at these photos makes me really, really happy that we'll have more space and better lighting very soon.

Ordinarily I would've just skipped the photos and recreated the outfit to some extent another time, but since this was the momentous occasion of meeting Chelsea, I had to immortalize it! And oh look, I'm wearing my Skunkfunk dress with my Skunkfunk skirt -- also a first!

Dress and skirt: Skunkfunk
Belt: Lazaro
Leggings: Foot Traffic, via Sock Dreams
Vivian Girl Shoes: John Fluevog


C said...

I love the bright colors in this outfit! So much fun-ness going on here.

And thanks again for contributing! I loved your post!

Eyeliah said...

Ohh a new spot today, so excited for your move!
P.S. I linked one of your fab posts on my blog today. ;)

angie said...

Have you just had your haircut, Audi? The new do is sensational.

Sheila said...

Yeah, looks like a new 'do for you too? I like the asymmetry of it.

Love the dark orange with the blues. And of course, *sigh*, the shoes.

rebhuhnr said...

i always love the styles you are wearing... i'm working in germany in exactly the same environment as you - all scientific [freaks ;)] people, not interested in clothes and styling.

do you have a certain reason for wearing skirts under dresses most of the time? :)

rebhuhn said...

my link was wrong. sorry, slipped of the keyboard ^^.

Suzi said...

I am 39, live in SF and am also moving. You certainly manage to look stylish and fantastic while doing so! You look lovely. :) Good luck!!

Nana Erin said...

Love the layers and I love the shoe choice! Unexpected but bold and fun!

Audi said...

Angie and Sheila: Yes, thanks for noticing! I credit my hairdresser; it was her idea.

rebhuhnr: There are several reasons I layer skirts under dresses. In this particular case, the dress is slightly see-through, but it's also a bit too short for work on its own. For some reason I seem to have several dresses that fall into this category. But sometimes I do it for warmth because it's often chilly here, and other times it's to balance out the proportions of the outfit -- I might need more length or volume on the bottom half to balance out the top.

Suzi: Another San Franciscan! Good luck with your move, too!