Thursday, April 22, 2010


Egads. Here I've cut off my head as well as my feet, and there's that awful lighting again. Really and truly this was the best photo out of the set. Thankfully tomorrow's will be better.

I love this Betsey Johnson dress, but when I put it on I remembered why I hardly ever wear it: it is an absolute nightmare to get on. It has one of those invisible side zippers combined with a tight-fitting bodice and a hard seam at the waist, which means I have to go through all sorts of contortions in order to pull the zipper up without it giving way too suddenly and pinching the tender skin on my side. Why designers continue to construct dresses this way is a mystery. By the time I got it zipped up I was so pissed off that I had nearly ripped the dress to shreds several times. Clearly there will need to be some alterations if I'm ever going to wear it again.

It's really cute though, isn't it? Because it's a very fancy dress, too fancy to wear to work on its own, I casualized it with the oversized sweater and plaid socks. It was a good day-to-evening outfit, which was perfect for going straight from work to Fawn's photography opening over at the wonderful bar called Olive, which I had never been to. The opening was quite a success, with a great turnout, an interesting and fun group of people, and most importantly for Fawn, a sale. A great time, and fabulous martinis, were had by all.

Dress: Betsey Johnson
Cardigan: thrifted
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: John Fluevog

Here's a gratuitous cute dog picture to distract you from today's horrible outfit photography:

Georgie surveys her domain through Mark's window. She fancies herself quite the watchdog.


Diana said...

This is such an awesome outfit, and I love the gratuitous cute dog picture :)

Emily Kennedy said...

I love that dress. The color is sublime. Lame that it's such a pain to get into. Definitely that would be one worth tailoring.

Raquelita said...

I had a similar issue with the dress I wore yesterday (which is one of the reasons that I haven't worn it much). I love the color of this dress and your tat peeking out from your cardi is a fantastic accessory!

Kendra said...

Aww, I didn't know you had a dog. She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Fits beautifully, looks great. Get someone to help you into it. I wouldn't mess with it.

Fawn said...

Oh, I thought that was a vintage dress -- I should have guessed it was Betsey! I feel your pain. I can finally fit back into my favorite dress ever, except I forgot that I can't zip it up without someone else's help, since my arms don't go up behind my back quite that way. Hmph.

I'm so glad you came to the opening. Such fun, I should do it again!

A-C said...

Georgie is adorable! <3

And that dress is beautiful. I especially like how you were able to make a fancy dress into a day dress by layering the longer cardigan over it.

Sheila said...

Oh, love this! You know I love the Betsey stuff. What a pain about getting into it! I really hate that designers don't seem to consider the wearability and functionality of their clothing. Frustrating.

But you look awesome - love the casual accoutrements.

Aw, Georgie is adorable.

Anonymous said...

no problemo getting into contortionist dresses here, as a sometime ren faire attendee. corsets, bum rolls, etc. another person can come in handy, though!

Great color on you. any alteration that makes the zipper easier would require adding fabric, which is really tricky to do well. one option is to replace the zipper with snaps, like they had in the olden days. still somewhat of a pain, but less likely to pinch and will preserve the look of the dress. Good Luck!! steph

northmoon said...

Love the watchdog picture!

I have given up on clothing that's hard to get into. I get claustrophobic so I won't even go there!

Emily said...

Love this dress! The filmy quality and color are such a lovely comination. Cool belt, too!