Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extreme Rebelliousness

Well, it was really only a matter of time. I've gotten away with wearing a corset at work, Wendy B's swear rings, and a whole host of other envelope-pushing items, so I figured it was time to rock some leather trousers. Having been inspired first by Sal and then by Angie, I figured this was a trend that's right up my alley. And hey, if 88-year-old Iris Apfel can still wear leather pants, why can't 40-year-old Audi?

At first I was going to try to be "good" and make the trousers as subtle as possible. But then in a moment of extreme rebelliousness I thought, "Oh fuck it. Why should I care if anyone thinks leather pants are inappropriate for work?" and put on my goth argyle sweater, towering wedge heels, and a splash of leopard print for good measure. Not coincidentally, that day I had a meeting with someone who is, shall we say, far above me in rank and is someone whose opinions I disagree with and whose motives I mistrust. Being clad in leather and towering over this person made me feel like an ass-kicking rock star, albeit in a completely pointless and ineffectual way.

Since nobody said anything about the outfit, I just assumed that as per usual, no one noticed. But the next day I passed one of my more stylish coworkers on the stairs, and she mischievously whispered, "I loved your leather pants!" Ah, vindication.

Now let me tell you one more thing. If you're not at all interested in owning a pair of trousers like these, you can stop reading now. But for the rest of you, I ordered these pants from the Asos website and when they arrived they were a size too small. Not wanting to deal with shipping them back to the UK, I decided to sell them on Ebay instead and take a bit of a loss (which I'd do anyway if I had to pay the return shipping). So, a pair of unworn, new-with-tags leather moto trousers can be yours for just $125 (if you use the Buy It Now option). They are size 28 (US 6), but they fit very much smaller, more like a size US 4 because the 28-inch "waist" actually sits squarely on the hips. Click here to view the listing.

Obviously, I liked the pants so much that I ordered the next size up, which fit beautifully. And since I'm sort of crazy that way, I also ordered a pair of the gray leather trousers shown in Angie's post; you'll be seeing those before too long.

Sweater: All Saints
Top: La Redoute
Belt: thrifted
Pants: Pepe Jeans
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Sara said...

lol you rock!!!!!



Kimberly said...

There is just something about wearing leather that makes a gal feel completely kick ass! Love these, Audi! My aunt just scored a pair of gorgeous Jones New York leather pants at a consignment store the other day for less than $10. Can't wait to show her this post for some inspiration to wear them!

C said...

DAMMNNNN those are awesome. Awesome awesome AWESOME! And I love your little work story. :)

WendyB said...

Can't wait to see the grey!

Sheila said...

These are kickass! I love the look and that you did them for work.

I bought a pair of pleather pants last year, at an auction, but they were too big. I did wear them to work, but the reaction of my coworkers was nothing short of scandalous (which was kind of fun). I let them go, but I'm on the lookout for another pair. I think the e-bay pair would be too small on me. :( I'm square in a size 6, but I've got butt, haha.

angie said...

If anyone can pull off a pair of black skinny leather pants it's rock star you, Audi! And to work no less.Fab outfit.

Skinny is the way to go on leather pants in my book - but Iris Apfel is inspiring in her wide cuts at the age of 88.

Emily Kennedy said...

Wow! That's so cool. I just got my own first two dresses from ASOS and they're both just a mite too big. I need to pull out my trusty sewing machine and give them the ol' what for!

f. said...

"Since nobody said anything about the outfit, I just assumed that as per usual, no one noticed."

hahahah, I loved it! I could have said that myself about pretty much whatever I put on to go to work.

(from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! They look beyond perfect with those kickass Jeffrey Campbells.

Chelsea said...

way to kick some ass Audi! you totally rock the crap outta those pants... I'm glad you styled them up so rebelliously and got a little dig into your higher-up yuckity yuck :)

The Cheap Chick said...

Love this look - you are totally bad-ass in it! And as they aren't skin-tight, I think these leather pant are completely appropriate for work. And I bet their warm and cozy, too.

And I continue to covet that sweater!

Jael Paris said...

I'm going to save my pennies and buy some leather pants for fall. Because pants shopping is such a nightmare, I think I'll commission them on Etsy.