Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Update

If you haven't stopped by the Etsy shop in awhile, be sure to pop in and take a peek! We have several new belt and harness styles, including two that I designed; the Aria and the Clara. The Clara (left) is more of a jewelry piece than a belt; most of the weight of the piece is carried by the neck strap, leaving the rest of it draping softly around the ribs.

The Aria (right) is one I originally envisioned in the gunmetal gray finish shown here, but the leather took awhile to find, so the original prototype was made in black. When worn over a sweetheart neckline, as shown here on the corset, this harness creates a heart shape -- just in time for Valentine's Day! I like this piece because the straps are delicate, and the crystal accents at the shoulder make it somewhat dressy.

Make no mistake about it, Mark is the real leatherworker between the two of us. When I design leather pieces for the shop, it generally entails me sketching and cutting out the template, cutting the leather pieces, and then handing them to Mark for him to fit out with the hardware and rivets. Setting rivets, grommets, and the like requires experience and skill in order for them to sit perfectly level with no dents in the middle. I'm still not confident enough in my ability to work with the hardware for any of our pieces, but the designing part is fun, and since the leather items make up most of our Etsy sales (I'm mostly selling my hats through Dark Garden now), it's nice to have a way to contribute to that.

We're currently looking into some different options for migrating the shop to our own website, which will hopefully offer us better functionality with our custom orders and make things a little less confusing for the customers. It's exciting to see how far we've come in less than a year!

P.S. I'll have a regular outfit post for you a little later today.


Diana said...

This is exciting to hear! You've both been creating some really amazing and unique belts. However, I hope you keep selling hats too, because I'd really love to buy one some day.

kristophine said...

I love the leatherwork so much. It's kind of ridiculous--I think I actually salivate. The Aria is just so beautiful. (The Clara really reminds me of Queen Michelle over at Kingdom of Style.)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make more obi-belts? I will definitely buy one if they make a return to your shop:)

Audi said...

Diana: I will leave some hats for sale in the Etsy shop; most likely they'll be geared more towards the aesthetic that the belts and harnesses are converging on. But I will also continue to offer custom orders for any of my styles.

Anonymous: I've actually got several obis all cut out and ready to sew, so don't worry, they'll be back!

Nana Erin said...

I can't afford any of these right now, but please know they are super duper impressive amazing wonderful pieces. The Clara in particular...oh my goodness. It is really amazing.

Chelsea said...

OMG the Aria harness is so pretty! I love the heart-shape, and the sparkles on the shoulders are so glamorous :)

You are one multi-talented lady!