Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You -- and a contest!

There's been a lot of interesting discussion swirling around in the blogosphere about a certain blogger who recently issued a mandate to readers about how and wherefore they may comment. I first caught wind of it, albeit a bit late because of my holiday break, over at Sal's blog, and was really impressed with Franca's excellent discussion over at Oranges and Apples.

I'm not linking the original post because it annoyed me too much, but you can follow Sal's or Franca's links if you haven't seen it already. If you follow fashion blogs at all you probably already know to what I'm referring; the gist of it is that readers were instructed to only provide positive comments, a mandate to which many people, myself included, took exception. But as I've thought about it more, the thing that has risen to the surface as being the most irritating was the assertion that the blogger is happy with her style exactly the way it is and is not, "looking for pointers." Oh, really? So you're the world's foremost expert on style, and nothing that anyone has to offer could possibly be of any value to you? Huh.

Rather than embarking on any sort of diatribe about the original post, because I think it's already been covered quite well, I'd rather share with you today my own philosophy of blogging and the comments that come from it. As always, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

I started this blog without any sort of expectations other than having some fun with it and perhaps cataloging my outfits for future reference. The fact that it has continued to grow in readership and participation frankly floors me. Every day I eagerly log on to read all the wonderful feedback I get from my awesome readers, many of whom offer insightful commentary on what they like about my outfits, or what they'd try the next time around. It is from these comments that my style grows and evolves, and I'm always (I think) receptive to any sort of constructive criticism. Perhaps I'm overly optimistic, but my default assumption is that if someone takes the time to stop in and say that an element of my outfit is off, they do so with the best possible intentions, in the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

I know myself that my outfits aren't always perfect, and frequently it's due to the limitations of my wardrobe. Often I have gone after a look that didn't quite succeed simply because I didn't have the right piece in my closet (yes, even my massive collection has holes!). Other times I'm pressed for time, I'm tired, or I'm not feeling particularly creative. Sometimes I'll scrap a look altogether, but more often than not I'll try it anyway on the hope that someone will offer me the solution that I just didn't see when I was putting it together. With any luck, the solution won't even have to involve me purchasing something new.

I believe that the beauty of the blogging community is that it offers the opportunity for everyone to participate, and that's why I prefer it to fashion magazines or other mediums where the communication is largely one-way. I'm no fashion professional; I'm just a clothes horse with a day job, and I for one am open to all input as long as it's presented in a respectful way. Sure, if you drop by just to tell me I look like crap then I'll probably delete your comment (thankfully no one has ever done that!), but if you want to offer me a suggestion that you feel would would improve my outfit, I'm all ears.

My main objective in writing this post is really to thank everyone who takes the time to stop in and comment, whether you love my outfit or think I really missed the boat. And just to prove how earnest I am, I'm going to offer you a special prize. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post sometime before midnight (PST) on Friday, January 22 and you'll be entered to win one of my handmade hats, custom designed just for you! Tell me your thoughts about this post or the one that started this discussion, tell me which of my outfits in the last month you liked the least and what I could've done better, ask me for style advice or tell me about your 5-toed cat; this is an open forum and you're invited to help make it a collaborative space for sharing ideas, stories, and advice, or simply for being fellow fashion enthusiasts and friends.

Drawing will be at random, and international entries are welcome. Good luck to everyone who enters, and a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU for participating!

This outfit:
Scarf: Banana Republic
Top: Just Angels
Cords: Marlowe
Shoes: Jo Ghost

P.S. Beautiful blogger Eyeliah from Style Symmetry has interviewed me for her Symmetry Seven feature! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

A contest! Oh, boy!

Seriously, what I like about your blog -- beyond your admirable sense of style -- is that you often go outside fashion to talk about other subjects: e.g., your city; Bjork; your life. That makes for interesting reading.

Carol said...

I've been lurking on your blog for quite some time now and I thought I'd pop my head up and say hello. The thing I love about your blog and your clothes is your sense of adventure. Your sense of style is about you and not something dictated by a string of designers and I like that. I love your pairing of old and new and your use of colour. Unbeknownst to you, some of your colour and style combinations have inspired outfits of mine and I have become an avid Fluevog fan after first hearing about them on your blog. Although not all of your outfits are things that I would wear, I still find something in them to inspire me and I guess that is where the difference in readers will always lie. Some will reject things they don't like and some will take a second look and see what they can learn. I choose to learn. Thanks for sharing your wardrobe with us all.

Marie said...

I always love looking at your outfit posts because they inspire me to try color combinations and layering! No one layers a dress like you do!
I followed the discussion on Sal's blog and Franca's blog too and was happy to note that most people felt commentary on their blogs or by them was meant to be supportive, not critical.
As you said- that's sort of the point of the fashion oriented blog, dialog instead of one way presentation. And sometimes that included suggestions instead of endorsement of everything we do.

Pick me pick me. :)
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Chan @ Chanmeleon said...

Your blog was the first fashion blog I ever read and the one that got me hooked on reading fashion blogs. I've read every post of yours and enjoyed the way your style has evolved. (It really has changed a lot since the beginning!) I look forward to your posts every day!

About the controversy: I read that post and was immediately turned OFF. I don't subscribe to that blog, but I have popped in from time to time. It was not a blog I felt comfortable commenting on in the first place - I just didn't feel welcome (the exact opposite of the feeling I get from your blog, Sal's, Hillary's, and Erin's for example). Her "rules" were the icing on the cake. In the real world, criticism - constructive or not - exists. It's childish to try to control it.

Anyway, I am a loyal Fashion for Nerds follower and would be honored to own a hat by you!

The sloth said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog for quite a while already and I have always been a silence reader. Although I am a nerd as well working in a lab but I do not have such an extensive wardrobe as well as imagination to put things together :) Keep up a good work

no uppercase said...

i absolutely agree with you! i read the original entry that you were referring to, and it did make me rather uncomfortable and wary after that.
i really enjoy looking at your outfits, by the way, although i would not be able to carry off your looks at all :) but that's the beauty of fashion (blogging) - so i get to live vicariously through people like you!

Diana said...

I think your view of the purpose of comments is spot on. For the most part, it seems that most people who comment here have good intentions, whether they like the outfit or not. What I love most about the style blogging community is that we can all learn and draw inspiration from each other. I know personally that my style is constantly evolving, and I gain endless amounts of inspiration from reading other blogs and from reading the comments on my blog.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful post!

Misty said...

How did you know about my five-toed cat??!11??

Seriously, though, I enjoy your blog and seeing the interesting outfits you come up with. I live in Alabama, so I don't see a whole lot of people putting together unique styles or even wearing a lot of the basics I've seen in your posts. Bama's not exactly the hotbed of U.S. fashion, so thanks for sharing and putting yourself out there for us!

Mikaela said...

oh dear. that whole post was strange. and sometimes comments get interpreted the wrong if a comment you read, you don't really like, don't take it too personally!! the person may have actually meant it in a whole different way.

i love your style, my favorite piece so far has got to be that amazing leather jacket that you unzip to a vest.

Kimberly said...

Audi, as usual you have provided a great commentary. I, for one, only share positive comments on blogs when I see stuff I like. I will suggest other ideas if the the blogger is specifically asking for remix ideas, etc. My opinion has always been that I'm no expert so who am I to diss on someones outfit. Plus, I would never say anything like that in person, so why would I all of a sudden have the kahonas to say it online?

I will say I am extremely pleased with the blogging community - the vast majority of readers are extremely sweet and kind. Their comments add so much to my day!

Christine said...

Even though your style is quite a bit different than mine, your layering abilities always inspire me. Thank you for a great blog.

As for the comments issue, I understand the orignial intentions of the original post that caused the controversy. However, it did seem kind of rude. I was raised with the Thumper rule - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, and I still follow it today.

Sara said...

I have also been lurking, which I rarely do, so I apologize for that. But I love your style - it's inspirational and fun. And I love, too, that you encourage a conversation in your comments. It's so hard to get people to comment at all (especially when there are lurkers like me about!) that I can't imagine ever telling those who do interact with me what they can or cannot say.

Great post. If there's one good thing to come of the original post you refer to, it's that there have been so many thought-provoking and honest posts about commenting and the style-blogging community.

Christina said...

Can I just say, I love that top!

Tara said...

I love that your style is so different from my own. Even though I would never dare to dress as boldly as you do, I admire your creativity and love to see what you put together. You have a sheer floral vest that I LOVE!

Karen said...

Left to my own devices, I'd spend all my time in fuzzy fleece pants and a t-shirt. Luckily, you give me (and everyone else) a glimpse into your playful fashion sensibility. It looks fun, and it's inspiring. I won't be wearing a corset to work anytime soon, but I love that you do and love that I've started looking at clothes entirely differently.

Melissa said...

I love seeing what outfits you put together every day. (And I'm jealous that you can wear things in winter that I can't, due to weather conditions.) :) I especially love your tulle skirt/slip collection.

The whole purpose of putting things out there is so that people can see them...otherwise people would just block their blog entries from prying eyes. My feeling is, if one doesn't want commentary (good and/or bad), then one shouldn't put them out on the interwebs for all and sundry to see.

Cardamoms said...

I'm also a long-time lurker, saying 'hello' for the first time. I come here daily to be inspired. I've always loved color and pattern and your outfits inspire me to be more adventurous in my choices. Interestingly, I never feel moved to comment on your outfits in a constructive way b/c it would be like luke skywalker offering suggestions to yoda.

Here's my two cents about the WiW commenting controversy. I don't know if it's because Jessica's blog is so overtly a business, or the fact that she clearly has achieved a lot of accolades as a fashion blogger, but I felt shocked that she tried to dictate the kind of posts left by her readers. I would have thought that the succes of her blog from both a status and monetary perspective) would enable her to cope well with whatever constructive feedback she might receive. I also thought she'd realize such a move would be bad for busienss. It's a little like a store telling you they value your feedback, but not really. I don't expect bloggers, fashion or otherwise, to enable comments - that seems to me to be a personal decision. But once they do and have set some basic expectations (i.e. please be constructive, etc), I expect them to have enough respect for their readers to let them get their point across in a socially acceptable manner. The whole thing is moot for me now - because I've stopped reading WiW.

Anyway, since I have broken out of my silence, I want to say thank you for the few minutes of fun entertainment you give me each day.

Healthy and Homemade said...

When I read that post, I didn't even bother commenting. I don't know how I feel, I mean for the most part people ARE positive. Plus, fashion blogging is public and sometimes the public has some not nice things to say, and we cant change that. I recently started moderating my comments, ONLY because of my husbands family is now reading my blog (ughhhhhh) and leaving comments about our names, jobs, locations, which I really want to be private!!

Other than moderating personal comments, if I ever get one that's mean I'll probably publish it because I know all my kick ass super sweet readers will have something to say to someone so negative (who I'm *sure* will be anonymous).

Anyway, I love this blog because it's interesting! You always have something great to say, and I love hearing about your life in addition to viewing all of your gorgeous photos! I have family members who love your blog, and get excited if you leave me a comment which is the coolest thing ever =D

E! said...

I think only the truly insecure limit their readers' blog participation. Yes, we all should RESPECT one another while discussing blog subjects, but a little constructive criticism (when phrased correctly) can really go a long way.

Kelly said...

I really agree with a lot of your thoughts on this. The other girl's post really rubbed me the wrong way when I read it. The reason I like the blogging community is that it is an active and developing discussion between all kinds of women (and a few men!) from all different budgets, lifestyles, tastes, and locations. I would never say we should be mean to each other, but just continually saying "oh this is beautiful you can do no wrong" doesn't get anyone anywhere and it's BORING for the writer and the reader. There's a difference between constructive criticism and nastiness.

A-C said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that was rubbed the wrong way w/that other blogger's post. That being said, I find myself coming back because you are so creative and don't hold back. Part of me would love to wear a corset to work, but in the law field that's just not going to happen. Nonetheless, I take the spirit of creativity behind your posts and put that into mine. So thanks for that. :)
<3, A-C

McKristie said...

Ok this one is soo easy - I have been feeling in a fashion rut, and your pieces on how to break out of one, as well as the weekend posts, and the jeans posts have been fabulous for myself!

Also your shoe posts inspired me to only go for comfortable shoes that actually have purpose! No more black heels for myself!

I love your blog, and your creativity, your travels...

I will stop my gushing at this point as I am starting to embarass myself!

Thank you for all you do as you bring a touch of colour to life!

Raquelita said...

I changed to moderated comments because I was getting some kind of creepy anonymous comments about my legs. I will censor anything racist, homophobic, or spam. However, like Franca, I wish there was a bit more constructive criticism on my blog and those of other style bloggers. Because such criticism is so rare, every so often I find myself compelled not to comment on someone's blog because I'm not enthusiastic enough about the outfit to just join the chorus of "great shoes!"

Anyhoo I hope I win the drawing! I would love to have one of your hats, lady!

Nicole said...

I want you to know that you are how I discovered style blogging in the first place. Someone somewhere made reference to a flightsuit, which I googled, and here I am.

I could never pull off this shirt but I think it's awesome. I leave anonymous comments sometimes (like black and white pictures of girls in striped socks and plaid dresses) but I logged in today for contest reasons. You've dragged me out of the shadoooows!

Your hats are incredible and even if I don't win this I'm sure at some point I'll find myself attempting to scrape up money for one on Etsy!

And lastly, my cat has *seven* toes per front foot, and five per back. Five? Pshaw.

Jen said...

I just started reading your blog about three months ago- your style inspires me to do do different things with my wardrobe than I would have thought fashionable- I'm normally a classic type of gal but when I see you doing things like wearing skirts underneath dresses or wearing corsets to work it makes me want to be more, well for the lack of a better term, wild. I know this isn't much of a critique or adding any pointers-- its more of a thank you. Thank you for helping me think outside of my own style box and be more creative with the pieces that I own. Much love!

Unknown said...

Interesting post. I hadn't heard about the controversy, but I think that inspiration and clarity can come from constructive criticism, so being too sensitive to comments can be stifling to creativity. I love your style; I've never been able to figure out how to layer successfully, and I'm looking at my wardrobe differently now that I've been following your posts for awhile. I'm jealous of your shoe collection!

bekster said...

In general, I agree that there is value in leaving people constructive criticism. In fact, this should be expected when posting pictures of one's outfit for scrutiny. (If not for that, then why bother posting? For an ego trip?) However, some people may just be too sensitive for that kind of thing. In that case, they should stop posting things for people to scrutinize, especially when the communication is not face-to-face. Still, I have before experienced comments that hurt (even from my friends who I know love me), so I can understand why someone might get upset.

The thing is, in the past decade our whole world has gone to more text-based communication (e-mail, texting, etc.). There are definite pros and cons to this. It is much harder to convey emotion and intent accurately, but there is also the advantage of being able to think about and review what we write before we send it. Because of this, I think the writer has the responsibility to be as clear as possible, but the reader also has the responsibility to give the writer the benefit of the doubt. This usually goes without saying. However, sometimes it does not, and people with the best of intentions (on either end of the communication) are terribly misunderstood. I am personally more inclined to cut people slack. I didn't see the original post, but as much as I feel for misinterpreted commenters (I've certainly been one), I feel for anyone who has been hurt enough to feel the need to tell people to be nice. (Of course, it does defeat the point to be rude when telling others to be nice.)

Audi, you have always, in my experience, been very good in how you respond to comments. Of course, you seem very honest and transparent about yourself anyway, so I wouldn't think you would be much bothered by what people say. I appreciate how you have fostered a good "vibe" on this blog. It really does make a difference.

(BTW, I love that shirt, and I would be excited to get one of your hats. :) Actually, I have decided recently that I want to go buy myself a hat and see if I can really get myself to wear it. If I do, it will be because of your influence. We'll see...)

Marion (Freeda) said...

Dearest Audie,

There are some clothing blogs I read to figure out how to work an average wardrobe in my mainstream career. Yours I read for courage to go beyond!! While you may decide an outfit doesn't work for whatever reason, your fearlessness is contagious.

I think that in the fashion blog world, there's a subset that does it as a longing for approval, and those are the kind who may need to limit their feedback to that which doesn't affect their sense of self in a negative way.

You and Kasmira, in particular, serve as inspiration to me. I, and several of the ladies who participate on my forum, posted our outfits of the day for a few months, and subjected ourselves to open scrutiny. Several items were voted out of my wardrobe (Goodbye winter white cords!) and other remixes were suggested. It was a learning experience, and one that I am all the better for. We still post outfits for critique on occasion! So thanks for the bravery, and the bit of it that rubbed off on me. And I do love your hats!

And... can I just say... I bought a wool cape on clearance at Target yesterday? A cape!! :)

Keely said...

I have to say I was surprised at how frank Jess was about comments. But, then, I have never received a negative comment on my blog. So, I don't know how it would make me feel. I'm all for constructive criticism, but a blatant "you look shitty" would hurt and then I'd get over it. I love your blog because you have such a unique style and I know that I'd never have the guts to pull it off. I also like to read about life in different parts of the world and our style is a big part of our lives.

Anonymous said...

I must confess, as a lurker extraordinaire, I've never made the jump to writing a blog of my own because of my nervousness about opening myself up to public scrutiny. That said, if I ever were to do so, it would be with the understanding that I can't control what other people say to or about me, no matter how off the mark they may be with their interpretation of my intentions.

Still, I commend your courage and I love your style--your post on layering skirts helped me make an eBay impulse purchase, that I hadn't realized was quite as short as it ended up being, work-appropriate (and pretty darned cute!).

Lizzie (

Suzanne said...

Fashion controversey! How exciting!

Tell you the truth, I look to you for inspiration. I'm a librarian and hate to shop; I keep hoping reading and being inspired will make me more excited/creative with my closet. Today I nearly called in NAKED I had nothing that seemed appropriate. Whatever.

Thanks for the inspiration and keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I can say without reservation that yours is my favorite fashion blog. I love your creativity and even when you wear something that I wouldn't consider for myself, I admire your creativity and audacity. And it does inspire me to get more colorful and creative within my own comfort zone.

Plus I am in love with your shoe collection.

None said...

You rock! I love your blog and you've really helped open my eyes to the creativity that is possible with clothing. I'm a total beginner when it comes to fashion and I certainly doubt I could ever offer you any advice (ha), but I appreciate and agree with your attitude. Thank you for your blog.

Lenelein said...

I like your log because I liek your style! You are one of the bloggers who is almost unpredictable, but who outfits always hit a nerve. You are inspiring me to think outside my box and start imagining wearing my corsets to work like you did!

Anonymous said...

My favourite recent post of yours was your post on Bjork. I've never been a fan of Bjork's, but (with mild internal grumbling) I found your article really interesting! It was really great to see her fashion from the perspective of someone who is a fan, and it made me realize I love the childish and creative elements in her wardrobe. I'm a poor college student, so I love seeing people who use different elements creatively, because it inspires me to use the few items I have in more unique ways.

P.S. I am reaaaally hoping to win this, I'm madly in love with your hats!

Nikki said...

I just started reading fashion blogs to get out of my rut, and I love seeing the combinations you put together and have a glimpse into someone else's style. I suppose it's a matter of attitude, when it comes to comments on blogs, but I like the collaborative feel of your blog. said...

Thanks for all the work you do to keep this blog rolling along. I recently read through your fashion rut series and really felt inspired to try something new (for me, anyway). I've been the recipient of several compliments - but more importantly, I like what I am wearing!

Thanks for inspiration!

Alisha said...

This would be a great time for me to make a first comment on your blog!

As far as the the whole commenting thing goes, personally, I would take the good comments with the bad, and especially welcome constructive criticism. To basically ask readers to censor themselves and only leave positive comments seems so fake and dystopian to me! I prefer reality, with it's sometimes ugliness, to carefully-crafted fiction. This is the reason I never untag unflattering photos of myself.

That aside, I would like to say that I honestly enjoy your blog. Your pictures are high-quality and beautiful, but I love the content of your writing as's interesting! To me your outfits are zany (but in a good way), carefully thought out, and well-executed. We definitely have different senses of style, but I keep coming back because your creativity and style-sense is admirable.

In 2009, I became a hat person, incorporating a few different styles into my wardrobe. However, I am a college student with a limited budget, so it would be amazing to win your contest!

KrissyBell said...

Well, I've been reading your blog and admiring your style for a few months now without commenting, but I have to comment now. I can not imagine anyone saying anything mean to any of the bloggers that I follow including you, or Sal at Already Pretty, or Chelsea at Bright Side, it's just unthinkable. You all inspire me to look at my closet in a new light. I have recently started doing a purge of the clothes that I don't absolutely love, and have vowed to not buy anything new for three months. I have lots of pieces that don't fit together, things that magazines or TV shows have told me are essentials, that I never wear, because I hate them. I am in the process of moving and it's the perfect time to shed the weight of an unanted closet and start fresh with only things I love.
BTW, I loved your shoe post and the ways that Steampunk makes it's wau into your wardrobe.
Kristin @

i_b_erin said...

You taught me layered skirts and dresses are AWESOME!

I do love that with blogging there is a interaction with the "fashion" person on the other end. As a occasional blogger myself, I have appretiated all comments-life isnt all posies, and its okay, Im putting myself out there.Its a great way to get new ideas-and fresh looks for your own wardrobe.

Looking forward to seeing what you create for the lucky winner! Thanks Audi!

A Random Claire said...

It's lucky that I'm a) fat and b) proportioned very differently otherwise I'd be totally copying your style. (I am already considering the Wendy Brandes rings for myself). Reading back over your blog I have seen how your outfits have evolved, and I'm liking the change.

You've actually inspired me to try some new things with my wardrobe, limited as it is being plus-size and pregnant. Except for tights with open-toed shoes - not sure even you could make me do that ;)

Esz said...

These kerfuffles always tend to spring up every few months. I know there was/is some drama regarding Gala and her commenting policy and her decline of useful content and while I don't read What I Wore, this seems to be a similar issue.

I am in agreeance with you and many put yourself out there and by removing the interaction from a blog via a strict comment policy, the blog format becomes redundant. You may as well be shouting in an echo chamber if all you hear back is "omg you're awesome".

I mean, LIFE is interraction and opposing opinions. Otherwise you stagnate.
No one really likes that person who is always only talking about THEMSELVES. *yawn*

(oh my gosh I would so LOVE to win one of your creations too!! eeeeee!!!)

Karin said...

I love a little bit of discussion, it lets me reevaluate my opinions. Ofcourse my blog is not as frequently visited as yours is, but if people offer me constructive criticism I welcome it with open arms. How boring would it be if we wouldn't get input that makes us think again about fashion, art or life in general anymore?

Iris said...

Your blog inspires me because your style is so fantastic - it's not something that you can easily label, and it's so uniquely YOU that it's mind-boggling. To me, you're a prime example of someone who uses clothing to express who they are - and you seem like such a great person, to boot.

f. said...

it's funny, because I was reading this post and thinking, "you know, I've never left a message here before, and maybe now I should do so and introduce myself to Audi", and then, by the end of the post, that's exactly what you've asked us to do! (I know, I should've known something like that was coming, because it said "contest" on the title, but I'm not known for being super attentive).

so Audi, my name is Fernanda, I write to you from Brazil, and I must say that from all the MANY style blogs I follow, yours is in my top 5. and when it comes to admiring and being inspired by someone else's outfits, you're my number one, hands down. you have even inspired me to create my own blog as one of 2010's resolutions. I would link the post in my own blog where I talk about you to this commente so that you could read it, but unfortunatelly it is in Portuguese. you don't happen to speak Portuguese, do you? well, I didn't think so.

anyway, what I say there is that I really love your choices in outfits, that you are a great inspiration for me, and that I would really love to live inside your closet, with all your wonderful clothes and shoes. oh, and that I totally get the feeling of being the "fashion girl" in an otherwise fashion-free work place, because that is exactly what happens to me too. and that is how you have inspired me to create my own blog (among other reasons, of course).

so, what else can I say? oh, yes: I have a five-toed cat. she's freakish. but I love her :D

thanks for your blog, Audi. I get so much inspiration from it you would not believe it.

Julie said...

Thank you for the nudge I needed to send the note I've been meaning to send. Your blog has changed my life. I love being creative with clothes, but have limited myself with my notions of appropriateness for my age, my profession (librarian) and what colors traditionally match. Your outfits have inspired and freed me to try new and different looks, shapes and combinations, and for that, I thank you every day!

Liz said...

You remind me that not all scientists have to be style challenged. And as an engineer just starting out, this is great to see!

Josie said...

I have to admit being one of those people who were bought up to not say anything if you haven't got anything nice to say.
I only discovered your blog recently, and found you an absolute refreshing tonic to the very few clothing blogs I follow. I am a self confessed nerd and I've only really started developing my own look in the last year or so; after many years of wearing whatever was clean or fitted.

Please continue to be an inspiration to me.

And I'd love to enter your contest. I'm currently developing a steampunk persona and a hat would be perfect!

Julia said...

You say that your readers' comments inspire you, but your outfits inspire us in much the same way. I'm eighteen, and just dipping my toe into the fashion world. Your blog has been exactly what I need for inspiration: carefully selected, coherent outfits. You've taught me how to mix colors, layer skirts, wear belts.

Now, all I need are some great pieces that inspire me. I wasn't kidding when I said I was a beginner - I own mostly dull, practical clothes that I don't really like, especially having realized that I can wear beautiful things every day. (Your posts helping Martha were great for me.) I would love to have one of your gorgeous hats to play with.


Karen said...

I read this blog because your style is so different from my own, and it inspires me to get out of my rut and try new things. I also like your tutorials, or how-to's. That other blog should just close comments - I do get not wanting to listen to criticism all the time but she can't have it one way or the other.

Franca said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'd love to win a hat, they're amazing! and now I just left a gushy comment without substance! hehe!

Anonymous said...

Well, if ever there was incentive to come out of the blogging shadows in which you have been hiding, it is a contest!

To me, constructive criticism is fine and good. Abuse is not acceptable, but a tip or advice presented tactfully and intelligently is grand! Here is where I would insert some sort of criticism... but I can't think of any...

Lorelei said...

That purple shirt is awesome. I'd love to see the looks you get walking about in your incredible daily outfits! Thanks for being so real!

Anonymous said...

I've got my own post coming up shortly where I voice my opinions about the comment controversy in-depth, but I'll just say this for starters: You really can't ever tell people - in person or online - to only say nice things and expect them to follow suit. In fact, it's a GREAT way to make yourself a villain and alienate loyal readers, friends, or fans.

joceline said...

first-time commenter here, but I've been lurking for awhile!

While I understand the debate about Jess's Comment Code, I also understand her sentiment. I think she was talking about comments that were nasty and downright mean, rather than offering pointers, although it didn't really come off that way in her Code. Oh well. I love the fact that you're so open to feedback on your style!

Ashe Mischief said...

Frankly, Audi, whether you've "missed the boat" or are spot on, you've always got one thing ahead of many bloggers-- you've got STYLE. You're fearless, innovative, and willing to take a chance with your wardrobe. You experiment and have fun. There are times when I'm drooling over an outfit, or where I may not be so crazy about it--but I'm crazy about YOU, because you have FUN with your fashion. Too many bloggers and women forget about that part of fashion.

And I think that's probably WHY you've got such a great, responsive readership--they feel your style evolving, that you're open to ideas and suggestions, and they feel that you & your blog are a safe haven for opinions and ideas. Unlike other blogs.

Caroline said...

What I love about your blog: you dress the way I dream of dressing: steampunk, but with a modern edge. It's amazing!

Jessica Explains It All said...

A friend directed me to your blog about a month ago, and I've been following it avidly ever since. I've never commented on any of your posts before, but I felt that this discussion warranted a comment.

Though I don't always agree with your style choices, I love your adventurous fashion decisions. Your wardrobe is so very YOU, and that's what I love. There are millions of people on this planet, and it's hard to find a sense of individuality. What one consider cool and underground generally becomes mainstream fairly quickly, and then you suddenly find yourself in a room full of people wearing the same thing as you. It can be discouraging!

It's so refreshing to come across someone who is genuinely an individual, and who displays such spunk and personality in every single outfit. Even if there is the occasional outfit that warrants a "She WORE that? In PUBLIC?" from me, I wouldn't change you for the world, because you are inspiring, even when I don't agree with you. And when I DO agree with your style choices, I'm normally having a heart attack because the outfit is so adorable. Can we say "AMAZING SWEAR RINGS?!" I am GREEN with envy over those things!

I understand the feelings of the blogger who doesn't want any type of criticism, because lets face it, people can say terrible things sometimes. The internet can be vicious, they don't have to face consequences for what they say. "Criticism" can quickly become hateful instead of instructional. On the other hand, NOT accepting any kind of criticism at all shows a closed mind to me. When taken the right way, constructive criticism can be educational and enlightening. As a blogger you are making a conscious decision to say to the world "HELLO INTERNET, I LIKE STUFF!" and must accept that good AND bad will come from it. People will love you and people will hate you. But you made that decision, and you need to live with the consequences. If you genuinely love blogging about your style, then you should be able to take the critique, good and bad, and learn from it. Saying "I can't hear you lalala!" to the haters doesn't make them go away, unfortunately. Sink or swim, get out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat, you buttered your bread and now you have to sleep in it. Yada yada.

I look forward to reading much more from you in the future!

Elly said...


So I'm a fairly new lurker, having come across your blog recently...but was immediately interested, particularly because of your focus on having some fashion among a bunch of geeks. I'm attempting to do something like that at my science grad's tricky! You inspire me to keep putting some effort into what I'm wearing, even if that's outside the prevailing lab culture.

As far as the WIW debate...I'm leaning toward the idea of moderated comments. Generally, commenters (especially on these fashion blogs!) seem to be kind, supportive, enthusiastic, and/or helpful. If someone doesn't like your outfit, or some part of it, I think they should feel free to say so, respectfully and hopefully with some constructive criticism. However, saying that people can only say nice things feels stifling even to some of those who would say nice things anyway, I think. It's one thing for someone to have her own style and not care about whether people disagree with it; it's another thing to make people feel shut out from sharing their opinions if those "opinions" don't agree with hers. I suppose that if people are prone to be personally hurt by every negative comment -- then they should not put themselves out on the internet and ask people what they think about their fashion choices! (on the other hand, my blog doesn't focus on my fashion choices so much, and thus I don't know how I would take a negative, hurtful comment...)

EvaNadine said...

i believe readers should be allowed to offer up their thoughts/comments/ideas/criticisms, but i do think that there is even a positively-toned way to say you don't like someone's outfit. when you put yourself out there for the world to see, you have to be prepared for all sorts of feedback.
i find it amazing though, that you have holes, even in your expansive wardrobe! i swear, if ever you make your way to DC, i want to take you hostage so that you can go through my wardrobe with me and come shopping with me. your style is so original, and i think it's great!

MBZ said...

The Cat & The Moon

The cat went here and there
and the moon spun round like a top,
and the nearest kin of the moon,
the creeping cat, looked up.
Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
for, wander and wail as he would,
the pure cold light in the sky
troubled his animal blood.

Minnaloushe runs in the grass
lifting his delicate feet.
Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?
When two close kindred meet,
what better than call a dance?
Maybe the moon may learn,
tired of that courtly fashion,
a new dance turn.

Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
from moonlit place to place,
the sacred moon overhead
has taken a new phase.
Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
will pass from change to change,
and that from round to crescent,
from crescent to round they range?

Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
alone, important and wise,
and lifts to the changing moon
his changing eyes.

William Butler Yeats

(shameless attempt to obtain sensational Hat :))

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your blog, Audi--I read every day, although I don't often comment. I love your style, and particularly that you find ways to express it in a (non-fashion!) work environment.

That business over at WiW really rubbed me the wrong way. I've been a longtime lurker over there, but have basically stopped visiting since Jessica posted the comments policy. I was shocked by the example she gave of a "negative" comment, which to me seemed like a friendly exchange about how to adjust or style the outfit next time: "I love the shoes, but . . .").

I conclude that I don't want to take style advice from someone who is that brittle. I work in an industry in which constructive criticism and lively debate happen every day, and everyone has to roll with it. She does not live in my world.

And that's okay! I love clothes, but not Fashion--so I am clearly not the kind of reader she has in mind.

Marnie Grace said...

I follow your blog with bloglines and I have 126 of your posts saved as "new" so I can go back and look at my favs. My fav outfit of yours from this past month is the one in post "Flashy"... love all of it, and especially those RINGS! Your style is so different from anything I see where I live and it really inspires me to try new colour combos, layering, etc... I am so jealous of your awesome shoe, hat, belt, coat collections... well, all of it, really, hehe. Thanks for putting yourself out there so much, and also for doing tutorials... I learn so much from them!

Sheila said...

Wow, look at all the comments! Holy smokes!

I know the blogger of whom you are referring. To me, comments are the just the icing on top - I would do my blog even if no one commented (but it's sure a treat when they do!).

I also started my blog to record my outfits (I love to browse back at old outfits).

I love this funky top! How cool. I love that you really push the limits of your personal style.

I also love your hats and would love to win one! You know I'd wear it!

Trinity Lea said...

you're mastery of layering is definately inspiring to me! im always freezing!! so im always on the lookout for good layering pieces. and surprisingly, i found the perfect burnout long sleeve tshirts at wal-mart, of all places, with Miley Cyrus's name plastered all over the tags. Disney Divas aside, i bought one of every color, and have been wearing the hell out of them!!

on a different note, i read the blog you are referring to, and saw the cause and effect of the 'rules'. she got a couple of rather snarky comments because she posted herself in her (crazy awesome 70s patterned) pj's, and a coupla days later, the post concerning the rules for commenting cropped up! given, i don't totally agree with how it was worded, but i dont think she meant it to be as cut and dry as it sounds. i think (i hope?) maybe she wrote it in the heat of the moment, before really taking the time to consider her wording? I was however surprised at the vehement responses she received, many of which were from readers threatening to leave. so, i'm iffy on my opinion of this, i guess! i can understand why she did it, but i still dont quite agree with it.

P.S. i LOVE your style, and your SHOES!!! my poor shoe collection is so sad, i have soo many pairs of flip flops and hardly any decent cold-weather shoes, which is rediculous since I live in Pennsylvania and it gets COLD here!

Unknown said...

a handmade hat! WOW! I so hope I win!

I love how you are fearless in your dressing. A lot of the outfits you put together are awesome and I wish I had the courage to pull them off!

Darla said...

Hello from a faithful reader, first time commenting. I read your blog because you are young and hip and live in the Bay Area. I like to keep up with what is going on.

(I'm one of those leftovers from the "Beat" era myself).


Anonymous said...

I love how daring you are with your outfits. I never even stopped to think about whether I liked them or not.

A rule I wish more commenters followed the rule "if I don't have anything nice to say, I don't say anything at all."

As for the blogger asking for nice comments, I understand. Sometimes you wonder what makes readers/commenters of a blog think they can comment without regard to the person behind the blog. I know I get those commenters too. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, though. They're not trying to be nasty, right?

If the blogger I'm thinking of is the same blogger, it seems she is experiencing a REALLY rough patch in her life since she reacts so strongly to the comments that are left. It would be best for people to just leave her alone for the time being while she works out her issues, instead of responding to her.

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before but I adore your style and your shoe collection is to die for, I enjoy catching up with your blog from time to time.

I feel it's unfair to edit or remove negative comments on a blog because its devaluing the readers opinion, they have the right not to like something. Clothes are personal and the wearer might attach feelings to them and thus dissproval of a garment or outfit is a dissproval of them?
Even a negative comment can be a good thing, it's a hard lesson to learn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Audi,

I have discovered your blog about 2 months ago and now I am hooked, I spent 2 days reading all your previous posts.
I am from Belgium, so I am in a different time zone, but I am always disappointed when I open your blog in the morning to discover that you haven't posted yet. While your choices are more daring than I would ever wear, being 38 and realising that I may only have a couple of years ahead to experiment and wear fashionable things, you are definitely a source of inspiration.

I have recently discovered an All Saints store in Antwerp, seeing your dress makes me want to go in and buy one too ! I have also talked to a shoe store about importing Fluevogs - LOL

As for the comments, I feel that if you put yourself on display, you should be able to handle criticism, however, it should be voiced in a way that is not hurtful.

Please keep up your blog for a long long time !

Una said...

Audi, as many others have already said, your blog truly has changed the way I shop, dress and think about how I look. Although you've inspired me to buy some pieces I might never have bought otherwise, I'm actually saving money by thinking about whether I love the item, price per wear, and fit rather than just impulsively grabbing for cheap fixes. You're the first blog I read in the morning now. Your intelligence and wit shine through in both your writing and in how you present yourself - bravo!

By the way, I live in Alaska, where a hat would be useful year-round! :)

Anonymous said...

I really loved your shoe collection!
Apart from that most of your outfits are in a way surprising for me and often very inspiring. Keep doing that!
greetings from Poland (if I remember well you,ve visited my country. Have I seen some photos from Kracow?:) Have you seen Warsaw - that's where I live

Unknown said...

I have personally benefitted from reading your blog in my day to day fashion in many ways - inspiration being the biggest, but I've also gained a lot more courage!

That being said, if I saw an outfit of yours that I felt was missing something or could have gone in a different direction, I would probably comment to that effect.

The No Negative Comments policy rings too much like the Don't Like, Don't Read of the fanfiction world, which is a great frustration for me. If there is no critique (constructive only, of course!) there can be no growth, no improvement, and whether it is style or writing, it becomes stagnant.

I would love to see a better attitude from some commenters (somewhere middling between OMG U R AWSUM! and FUGLY! comments, maybe something like "I like how you did this, but have you tried that?".), but in the end, if you're putting your blog open to the public, you have to accept that there will be comments by other people that might be less than peachy keen.

Jennifer said...

Audi, I love your style (and your lifestyle!). It's my dream to be an accomplished, intelligent, beautiful woman and I take inspiration from you. The hats, the corsets, you were my introduction to steam punk chic and I rocked your style advice when I celebrated Repeal Day at The Edison last month.

Red said...

We should be thanking you for taking the time to blog! Though my style leans more towards classic/preppy, I admire your style and love how you inspire me to change things up and try new combinations, new colors colors and textures and to think about the contents of my closet in new ways.

Megan said...

I love all your Noa Noa clothes and your Fluevogs (of course).

Could you tell us what hair products you use? Your hair always looks so perfect.

sara star said...

I love your new shirt! It is so cool, at first I thought it was one of your partner's custom belts, I wonder if he could make something similar to it, I just love the asymmytry.

I think the pants are kinda dull, I think it would look good with a skirt with tulle peaking out underneath, but I bet you will wear it many more times because it is so cool that I will get to see lots of options.

Emily Kennedy said...

Amen! The funniest thing to me is that I had just completed seven interviews with fashion bloggers when the afore-mentioned post was written, and literally every woman I talked to expressed a huge amount of gratitude for the reciprocal relationship between blogger and audience. Admittedly, none of my sample was welcoming of open negativity, but they were all very aware of the inspirational process, and the push and pull of identity v. community.

My suspicion is that maybe when a person sees herself as the expert on things, she can become unwilling to accept input from non-experts. To me that's a lonely approach of elitism.

Thank you for putting yourself and your style out there, and thank you for letting us, your audience, participate in the dialogue.

Mandy in CO said...

Hey Audi,
longtime reader/big time lurker. I'm not sure I've ever left you a comment! Just wanted to say thanks for your great attitude, both we your funky try anything style and open comments section. I don't have a blog, I'm not sure I could ever open myself up like that to the internet, but I admire those who do. I especially love that you are in a "non fashion" someone who also works in a lab position in an R&D setting (plus in a state that skews a little more causal in general...) I get the non-fashion thing...and must also deal with comments whenever I wear something other than jean, tennnis shoes and a sweater. So, I'm rambling but thanks for being inspiring!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog since it's linked to Mode Historique and I read hers for the historical costume stuff.Your outfits are interesting and I'm envious that you're thin enough to layer as much as you do.I wouldn't be able to pull that off.The outfit today strikes me as a little Steampunk as the top and (?) leather piping are reminiscent of a corset or similar. And the fact that I could win a free hat doesn't hurt at all as I love hats.

Heidi in Los Angeles,sadly not on LJ,yet

Shannon said...

Excellent post! Although I can understand that a blogger (myself included) doesn't want to be the target of nasty, mean-spirited or outright hurtful comments, to insist that your readership only gush love in your direction is absurd. I know it is difficult for a blogger to put herself out there, bare for all the world to see, but to expect that no one will ever question your choices or provide well-meant suggestions is a tad juvenile IMO. But, then that's why I have the ability to delete addresses from bloglines. I guess that's the ultimate form of constructive criticism.

a_biologist said...

My favorite posts are your how-tos. I learned a lot from the posts about using colors and breaking out of a fashion rut. I also enjoyed the packing how-tos. My wardrobe is sadly a lot of black trousers or skirts and colored tops, but I'm working on it. I'd love more how-tos along these lines. If one could only purchase a few pieces for the next season, what would be the best two or three types of pieces to help break out of the rut? Which pieces did you buy early in your fashion experiments that served you best?
I'm inspired by your dress layering and have a print sundress and solid jersey dress layered outfit ready as soon as it is warm enough to wear. I also love your practical but fun shoes. Our figures and complexions are very different, but our workplace needs seem to be similar--reasonable shoes, not too much bare skin (I'm also a scientist). Your look is much more daring than I would be comfortable with, but that's what makes your blog fun, and I read every new post with interest. I especially love the Steampunk looks.

j.p. said...

As I regularly turn to your page, I get a sort of anticipation like unwrapping a present - what will it be? My eye candy tutelage for the day.

While I ultimately hope to experience full satisfaction and feel balanced by your choices (yeah, I probably take this too seriously) - you know, feel the vibe resonate nicely in my bones, I know I learn the most and love it best when there is some aspect that bugs me about something(s) you've worn. It might be due to wardrobe limitation, but it might be that I just don't get it regarding you personally (makes sense), that you have a vision or experience I don't or that you've discovered something I haven't, etc. Sometimes when I don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling (ha) from your combo, I'll leave for awhile then come back and marvel at the fact that I suddenly feel the balance (or whatever) and I can kind of feel my brain bending, like when learning to speak Calculus (yeah, I heard you making fun of Calculus folk, ha!).

I love when I wear what I love and people happen NOT to get it. It's great, nobody will ever understand everything about me. One of my co-workers semi-regularly looks me up and down, shakes her head and says, "You're a strange one." Another sometimes outright laughs at me. (And I'm not even 'out there'.) It used to cause me to quench my creativity, but now it fuels my creative fire.

Anyway, thanks for multitudinous days of blog fun, beauty and learning.

You wanted to honor the people who take the time to stop in and comment, so if that's your goal, um...I'm not trying to weasel in on those this was intended for. However, if you are just going to draw and leave it at that, yay beautiful hat! said...

those holidays in Mexico really did you good.You came back full of ideas.What I like in your blog is that I get no pretence out of you.I really liked the thing you did with Bjorg.You got me thinking what are my style icons over the years and could I possibly present some in my blog some time soon.But with 3 kids fighting for attention it might take longer.

Shallow Coffee said...

I don't think I have ever commented before. But hey, there is a first time for everything! I have lurked for quite some time and find you to be an inspiration. I have even saved some of your outfit pictures in a file to revisit. I hope you don't mind.

Because of you I have admitted my great love for funky knee socks and now wear them with pride.

Keep up the fabulousness!

Allison said...

Sweet Audi - I think that you were great to include Franca's take on things...she got it right. If a blogger didn't want the critiques, she could choose to keep the comments closed.

I have great admiration for the bloggers I've come to visit on a daily basis. Not only do I admire you all for putting yourselves out here...but you all also provide me with SO much inspiration. There are plenty of things you pull off with such grace and ease that there's just NO WAY I could wear and feel good about. BUT you, dear one, are a master and color and pattern combinations and that has helped me push the envelope to think outside of what is "typical." I enjoy that about you and what you do here. So, thank you for that.

makeup magpie said...

I admire your fashion style and your writing is a pleasure to read and always interesting! Loved your recent "Style Icon" post and look forward to seeing another in the future! :)

camille0528 said...

I live in South Florida and the weather (with the exception of the past two weeks) is almost always always tropical and warm. Hats, scarves, layers of most kinds, even tights seem a bit much most the time. My consolation is being able to look at your fashion creations and experiments and live vicariously through your closet! Also, your introduction to Steampunk was really fun and inspired further web research.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, pick me, pick me!

Re: the other blog's comment policy - IMHO she's doing herself a disservice. I could understand if she'd been receiving cruel or creepy comments, but either she is exceptionally thin-skinned or can't tell the difference between an insult and constructive criticism. One of the beautiful things about blogs is the give and take.

One of the reasons I love your blog is that it was among the first fashion blogs I found that was about personal style rather than emulating runway or Hollywood looks. Also, it's inspiring for me to see a woman closer to my age (I'm 36) who enjoys taking chances with fashion and wearing corsets and funky shoes into the workplace. You've helped jostle me out of a ~5 year style rut - keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that someone has taken such great offense to critical comments. One of the great aspects of blogging is the ease of communication; debate can help us improve our blogs and ourselves.

On that note, I must say I love this outfit and I enjoy reading your blog. Your style is crazier than mine, especially since I'm a teacher and can't be too adventurous, but you've made me look at my closet in a different way. I appreciate your advice and your positive attitude. God bless you!

Kate said...

Hi. I don't think I've ever commented before, but I read your blog daily. I love seeing your outfits and getting ideas. I'm (almost) a teacher, and we feel a lot of pressure to dress umm...tamely. I try to keep my own sense of style out and about, but it is easy to get bogged down and in a rut. Thanks for sharing your style!

Pasha said...

I have never commented before but I love your style--I have been inspired to try to find ways to incorporate more intentional "outfits" into my days as a result. I am now shopping with an eye for the whole look--or how pieces will fit into what I have. Of course you wear things that I never would but I love that you do. How boring otherwise!

Jessica W said...

Hi Audi,
Long time (1 yr plus) lurker here who reads your blog for a daily dose of creativity.
My take on commenting is that because I do not have a blog, and therefore you don't get to see my style or find out about me, it is somewhat unfair for me to comment (or critique) bloggers. If I have particularly relevant information on a topic, I will comment, but otherwise I'm not sure that a comment from an anonymous reader means nearly as much as one from a regular blogger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Like many others, that other blogger's comment policy made me uncomfortable. But negative comments are part of life, both online and in-person. I still visit that other blog but think she's young and just hasn't figured everything about herself out yet.

I love your blog and find your style an inspiration--although I do sometimes think, "What the hell is she wearing?"

Jenniferocious said...

Awesome! I've posted at least once before, but I lurk on most blogs I read. I love your posts, keep it up. :D

R. said...

Another fan delurking! I just wanted to say that I totally agree with your view on this. You can't expect all of the people to love you all of the time - but if you stand strong in being who you are despite criticism, at least you'll end up loving yourself all the time. :)

I, personally, prefer your more feminine and colourful (read: brown/earthy neutrals not the dominant colour) outfit combinations - but that's only because that's my sartorial tastes. Even if I'm not 100% sold on something you post, I really admire the thorough thought and detail you put into both your outfits and your blog. You are proud to be unique and envelope-pushing, and I think that's awesome!

Also, your handmade hats are gorgeous - I would be a very happy chappy if I won one!


emily said...

ah sigh... here i go throwing my two cents in

audi, to be honest, your post saddened me. because, well, i read your blog and, more than your style, i like the way you write, and the little side comments about this or that, and that you live in san francisco (a place to which i would like to return), and that you are a fellow woman in science and hatlover...

so when you say that something annoyed you too much to print, well, i expect it to be sufficiently horrific. and instead what i found was this benign (if a bit banal) request for positive comments.

i just honestly can't see how that list set off the kind of fury it did, so i feel like i ought to defend its author.

here's what i wrote on oranges and apples:

the posts on other blogs seem to all be about how good constructive criticism is. i feel like that is a subtle way of confusing
"please don't put negative comments on my blog"
"please don't put negative comments on any blog, ever, or ever give anyone constructive criticism"

those two things are so very different

everyone in the blogging world (i assume, since i don't blog) has different reasons for blogging. some people are looking for fashion pointers more than others. and that *should* be ok in my opinion. she didn't say you should never constructively criticize, she just said please don't do it here, on my blog.

she even says hey, you might wear something differently, and that's ok, but this is my style... so she isn't claiming some sort of all-knowing-fashion-god-status...

i dunno, i just kind of feel bad for her. i don't think any of her comments were intended the way they seem to have been received.

and my parting shot on internet comments (which you have probably seen, as a fellow nerd):

Jenniferocious said...

Also, I have a kitten who is not only polydactyl, but a SUPERCLAW... which means that she has 2 sets of extra toes, which are fused into one digit.

It doesn't cause her pain or anything, we just have to keep the nails trimmed. We love our little velociraptor/wolverine kitten!

Dr. Da said...

I guess I am another one of the "lurkers". As a fellow scientist, I love that you are helping to break the stereo-type that all scientists are bad dressers!

Ana said...

That is such a tough subject... In her expanded explanation, she says she's open to pointers, but doesn't want direct criticism or insults. I can't completely disagree, I don't like people being mean to me either.

Either way, I like you and your blog. Your style is more daring and eclectic than mine, and I like that! It pushes me to try new things, and makes me totally jealous of the relaxed dress code at your work place :o)

I hope I win your hat - if anyone could convince me that I could pull off a hat, it would probably be you.

SK said...

I love your blog and as a researcher myself I find it very helpful to see how you dress for work. My favourite post is the Breaking out of a fashion rut series from 2008! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love your blog - I'm very drawn to the victorian/steampunk style but I've always dressed rather conservatively. How could I incorporate a few pieces to expand my style? I love seeing where you get some of your things, because I have no clue where to buy the things I'm attracted to! Thanks so much!!

Justine said...

Long time lurker here! I have been reading your blog every day for over a year (nearly since the beginning)and I love it! Not only do you have unique and imitable, but your writing is clear and enjoyable. I am also in biology research and you have inspired me to dress how I want, even if it out of the norm for my colleagues. (side note: I once had a male professor tell me that a woman walking past us must be a secretary because no serious scientists wear heels and a skirt!) Thanks for doing what you do!

Liesl said...

I loved your guest post on someone else's blog about how to wear a belt. I'm more of a classic, simple dresser and it really opened up a new horizon of thinking about this accessory. I'd like to see more of this type of post.

Blume said...

I've commented once or maybe twice before, I think. I am fascinated by your outfits, partly because your body is so very different from mine. Clothes work entirely differently on you! You even have a couple of things that I either own or have tried on, and it's fascinating to me to see how different they are on you.

tawnya said...

I just want to say THANK YOU for introducing me to different shoe sources (John Fluvog comes to mind...). THANK YOU!!

poet said...

I've been reading this blog for a while. I don't know if I've said it before, but I admire your style, it has inspired me to attempt bolder color combinations myself, and where it gets too colorful for meek little me I still admire your courage! :)

And I'd love to win a hat. I don't own a proper one at all.


Unknown said...

I don't know how I feel about there being a hat for everyone. I still need convincing! I will say that since I started reading your blog which was about a month ago I am starting to care more about what I wear to work. It isn't mandatory to dress nice in my office so I've started to care less after 3 years. At the very least you've inspired me to at least put on a scarf or necklace. It really does make you feel better. Thanks for the contest. If I won I would need help with the hat though hehe.

Unknown said...

hi AUdi! Ihave followed your blog for about a year,but never posted before. I so enjoy seeing your sense of play, fun and adventure as expressed through your clothes! and your thoughtfulness and kindness in sharing your process and guidance.
When I first read this post, I thought you were talking about "Sea of Shoes" who posted a few months ago she was turning off the comments on her blog, for the same reasons; not interested in snarky comments and also not interested in feedback. Then I clicked through and saw the other blog.
I've studied color and design extensively, I work in visual effects and coloring for films. I've learned a lot about how that gets applied to clothes by seeing your experiments.
I would love to win a hat! ooh, juicy!
p.s., Ihope you'll share pictures from the pre-Edwardian Ball trunk show!

Marie said...

I'm a computer programmer, so I understand your work environment a little. For me it's a tricky balance of dressing professionally, indulging my quirky side sometimes, and still being taken seriously by those co-workers who fit the computer science stereotypes and wear dirty t-shirts.

Love your blog and style! Thanks for sharing with the world and putting together such well written posts.

spacegrrl said...

the discussion around all of this has been pretty thought provoking. even as i increase the number of fashion blogs i read regularly, i wonder why people do it (and whether i might want to, too).

before the advent of twitter and facebook i was a pretty avid blogger - and i know i did it for the conversation in large part. i think of all social media as being, well, social activity, and the internet has been social pretty much since its inception. i've used it to form and enrich offline friendships continually since the early 90's.

many online forums require some form of moderation to keep the conversation positive in the signal column and negative in the noise column. many-to-many forums can often become successful at self-moderating, but one-to-many forums, such as blogs, ultimately rely on the blog author to moderate the conversation. i wonder if most bloggers have no idea how to do this successfully? i think it could be a scary position to be in - to have a highly successful blog, then suddenly and for the first time turn on comments. i'm not suggesting that her comment policy is going to be a successful way to moderate comments, but i think it's an attempt on the part of someone who may feel in over her head.

audi, i love reading your blog. your combination of highly individual style and intelligent writing is very compelling. the style icon post about bjork was fantastic - most people name just a few people as their style icons (audrey hepburn, anyone?) - who ever names bjork? but you're right, she's amazing! and for many women our age, much more relatable than hollywood film stars from the first half of the 20th century.

i have actually considered buying one of your hats, and may do so one day. i've always wanted a cloche although i'm not sure if one would look good on me. i'm going to contradict myself after having praised bjork as a style icon and say that i really love vintage style!

anyway, thanks for an awesome blog with lots of great content. i love that even though my friends are all abandoning their blogs for facebook, the fashion bloggers are enthusiastically posting away. to paraphrase a cartoonist from your fair city, keep on bloggin'!

WendyB said...

I moderate on my blog. I started because of spam problems but I would remove any particularly noxious comments for sure. After all, my blog was started to promote my jewelry and there's no need for me to publish anything that drags my brand down. That said, I feel no need to announce any big commenting policy. I will just delete a dumb bitch's ass if I need to.

Liane said...

As if I need an excuse to talk about how much I love your blog... But, hey, a contest will do that.

Because I do love your blog. Your style is one I hope to gradually achieve myself: your confidence and willingness to try all sorts of new things is inspiring and fantastic to see. I love how you pull difference pieces and colors together in a way I never would have imagined; my mom has very often commented on an outfit of mine, saying it looks like something from that 'nerdy fashion' blog, which is of course a MAJOR honor. And, well. Yes. You are awesome~

SHOEGAL said...

I've been reading your blog a while and don't often comment but - hi!

I love the red hat in the latest post and would love to win one of your own design hats.

Duchess said...

your blog is one of the first things that I check out every morning. I love your quirky sense of style, and have been inspired to try new looks and ideas that I would have shied away from before because of what I see you pull off! So thank you!

Clara said...

First, thanks for the time and thought you devote to 'Fashion for Nerds.' It's a regular part of my day, and although I'm not as adventurous with my clothing as you, I've learned a tremendous amount from reading your posts. And I look forward to you discuss -- like you are here -- other topics as well.

A collateral issue to the one you raise in this (and your subsequent) post is the experience that readers have in the blogosphere. There's a danger, it seems to me, of entering a world where everyone's life is perfect, and finding yourself feeling inferior by comparison.

I recognize that, at least for me, this could be a result of self-selection. Generally, I suspect that most of us would rather not read blogs where relentless gloom and negativity are the daily fare.

Yet a diet of relentless good cheer, smiling babies, cuddly puppies, beautifully-designed spaces, and impossibly 'can-do' attitudes can leave us feeling lost and a little like the poor stepsister, thinking that we don't measure up to whatever standard of 'goodness' is being propagated.

I appreciate bloggers who let us see their frailties as well as their strengths, who let us know that their lives, like their readers', are not all lollipops and rainbows. I don't mean that they need to be 'confessional,' or disclose matters that that they consider private. Rather, I appreciate the candor, the 'realness' of those who are willing to address the ambiguities and nuances in their lives, the areas with which they struggle as well as those in which they shine.

Continued success with you blog, Audi. It's a pleasure to read.


cboza at vna1 dot com (that's a numeral "1" rather than a letter "l").

P.S. Of course, would love to win the hat. Keeping all fingers crossed...

Mrs Violet said...

I've only recently stumbled upon your blog during one afternoon of happy procrastinating spent following a lot of blogging links for fashion and hats.

Thank you for taking the time to blog and share you personal style. I enjoy reading it.

hillary said...

Ok I just checked to make sure but both my cats have 5 toes on their front feet. Do most not?

I think you should keep on keeping on and I couldn't agree with you more about the original post. She obviously has some issues she needs to work on if she really is going to keep it her career.

Alli said...

Hi Audi,

I, too, clicked over to the original Rules post from Sal's site and was immediately turned off by the idea of a commenting mandate. I'm glad that the majority of bloggers (at least the ones I follow) are open to feedback both positive and negative, as long as it's respectful.

I've only been reading your blog for a couple months, but I've read the archive all the way back to the very beginning. I've only this year started to make forays into defining my personal style, as up till now I've worn a sort of mish mash of individual pieces that strike me at the time, but that I hadn't really considered as a part of a larger wardrobe. Thanks to you and Sal, I've started to hone my shopping practices, and I've gotten lots of inspiration for new ways to try clothes out. An additional *huge* bonus from your blog has been that we are about the same height and size, and while our proportions may be slightly different, looking at your outfits has really helped train my otherwise helpless eye to see what might work on me.

Thanks for this blog and for sharing part of your life with us!

Rural Felicity said...

Oh, I would LOVE a hat! I only have ONE hat, and I was just saying earlier this week how I need to add to my hat collection. I love how you make your style!

Ria said...

Hi Audi!
You are a daily inspiration to me! Seriously!
And your hats look so awesome that I showed some photos of you wearing them to my husband and he now wants me to buy one of those! The only problem is, I think my head is kinda small and find most commercially available hats are a little too loose for me. But in the mean time, if I do win one of your hats here, I will be happy as a bird. Thanks for this contest and your stunning sense of style!

Michi said...

Hello, I'm completely new to your blog. I found my way here through Style Symmetry, actually --and very glad I did.

I hadn't heard of this "positive commenting" situation and find it fascinating. Like you, I feel that we all grow from constructive criticism. I know for sure that with the little projects I embark on, my creativity gets better channeled and focused with criticism from others. I end up expending not as much materials or waste as much time fumbling around in the dark -- input from others is marvelously important to me. Of course, it is up to ourselves to filter criticism --we all have a right to pick and choose whose critiques we would pay attention to more, but I think what is important is to value the time that others have put into to give that constructive criticism in the first place

I look forward to following your blog! (Great Bjork inspiration post. She belongs in a category all her own! Love her.)

BTW, I love your work and creative energy that goes into making your hats. (I also LOVE the leather work that Mark does. I just started making purses with leather and it is HARD.)

chu (dot)michelle(at)gmail(dot) com

Blueberry said...

I'm a lurker, but I will jump in and post for a contest! ;) I am new to reading fashion blogs - started with Sal's blog and then added yours and I have gotten so many ideas about color combinations and layering items from you. I'm a fashion dunce, sad to say, and I'd guess I've worn a jeans-and-shirt outfit approximately 89% of the last 10 years. I have been reluctant to take risks, but I'm getting there, slowly. Thanks for inspiring me, Audi!

Unknown said...

You have such a creative take on dressing, and I'm obsessed with your shoes. My favorite posts that you do are related to packing and travel. I love planning/packing for trips and am dedicated to traveling light. I've gleaned tips from you that extend beyond the usual, "take a scarf and wear a money belt." Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been reading your blog for a very long time and have never commented before, but I just wanted to say that I love your style and you have inspired me to try new things. No really, you inspired me to add drama to my wardrobe and dress for myself. Who cares if I'm just going to class and the supermarket, if I want to wear a feathered hat, I'm going to!

Also, the policy you mentioned in your post is completely annoying and has put me off reading that blog.

Brandon A. Barnett said...

Hello, thanks for offering one of your wonderful hats. I'm one of several librarians in Portland, OR, who follow your blog. Thank you for sharing with us. Your sense of style and fun has definitely made me think about what I wear, both in a serious way but also for the joy and the adventure. Especially like the travel posts. Thanks!

Katie said...

Not only am I a lurker, but I've converted the rest of my office (men, no less!) into lurkers, too. In fact, one of them got excited last week when his outfit had the same colors as yours.

I'd love one of your hats. My head's a wee bit on the big side, and the only commercial hats I can ever find to fit are berets. Now, I love me a good beret (I do have 11 of them), but a structured hat would be a dream.

Barbara said...

Audi you are my hero! You're my first fashion blog and I have just recently (almost!) finished reading the entire thing from Post 1. I love your style and creativity (and also that you think no one looks good in a maxi dress). Even though I am a SAHM these days I am still a nerd too!

You inspire me to make my looks intentional, despite my typical super-casualness - now I add a scarf/bold jewelry/awesome shoes (what was I saving them for?) and feel so much better about it all. I love that you get clothes from anywhere and everywhere. And your tattoos! Oh! And you taught me about the cuteness of layering, I am in LA but often very cold. Anyway, I really could go on and on... Thank you so much for being there and sharing your closet with me!

Sabine42 said...

I have to say how much I love your blog (I mentioned that in the feedback on my etsy purchase!) it's really inspiring how you put together looks that are simultaneously unique and personal and yet still professional and stylish.

As working more and more lately to define my own style, I've started discussing it on my journal and had friends ask to see photos and be very encouraging. I think it gives people a great outlet to explore style, catalog your own looks and overall discuss individual style.

Keep up the good work!!


CRibbits said...

Thank you for clarifying your feelings on this. I am not very eloquent and don't have a blog but I've asked the same question on other smaller blogs (were I felt sure I'd get a response) on whether bloggers want suggestions or critiques and its always a resounding "no". Maybe I didn't ask the right way, hence the lack of eloquence. But I do feel that if you are to post a picture of your outfit, whether its a dedicated fashion blog or not you should be open to all comments not just the complimentary ones.

Shawn and Lisa said...

Even though your style is different from mine, I really like your blog and looking at your photos. I check everyday. I agree with you about the other blogger's post and I'm glad that you are open to respectful suggestions :)


Molly Phoenix said...

I think you are too chic to participate in the back and forth of blogger blah blah! Thanks for bringing it to light...Love your outfits, love your style and find inspiration to "get dressed" with your blog!

Andrea Eames said...

That post got my back up, too. I can understand the feelings behind it - after all, we've all had our feelings hurt at one time or another - but I don't understand the desire to only hear a chorus of adulation and agreement. Anyway. :)

I would love to win a hat! Hooray!

Hello! said...

I've been totally blog stalking you for a while now. Almost every weekday afternoon I check out your blog to see what creative outfit you have come up. And from that I've started trying new things in how I dress. I love the way you put things together. You have a very unique sense of style and while I might not be able to pull off some of the things you wear, I admire you for being bold.

I would {heart} one of your hats! Keep up the good work and I'll keep on blog stalking :)

Millie said...

I'm surprised that someone would outright declare that they want only positive comments. That's pretty presumptuous and egotistical, I think. I'm a new blogger (but long-time reader -- I love your style!) still in the "hurray, someone who isn't one of my co-bloggers commented!" stage of things, so I realize my opinion is perhaps a bit biased, but having comments but requesting only accolades seems to me like fishing for compliments.

Secondly, I'm always a bit hesitant to start commenting on other people's blogs, partially because I'm a bit shy, but partially because I feel (I suspect often erroneously) like I'm intruding into space where I haven't been invited. But now that you've said you really welcome comments, I'll make an effort to chime in more!

And I'm amazed that a wardrobe as enormous and varied as yours has gaps in it! Makes me feel a bit better about my considerably sparser wardrobe :)

Millie said...

Oh, and your hats are gorgeous! I'd be tickled pink to own one of them.

Anonymous said...

How did your love-affair with hats begin?

Tizzy said...

I will leave a comment to tell you how much I love your outfits (and how much they make me miss San Francisco now that I've moved off to the suburbs). And though I love how hats look on others, I've never found a hat that looked good on me. Yours are lovely, however. I was put off by that blogger's positive-only comments mandate too - it's made me not want to read her blog as much.

Unknown said...

Man, I'd love to get one of your hats. I've recently begun a love affair with hats, particularly ones that look like they're from the 40s. I think it might have started with seeing your blog post about hats, actually.

Anyhow, I check this blog out most every day to get ideas!

Bree said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, and it makes me want to take chances with what I wear, be creative with my clothes. I've found a lot of clothing pieces/brands I'm interested in thanks to you. Also, love your hats. I'm not a baseball cap person. I'd rather wear a fedora, or a cloche. Something else. Something different.

Kari said...

What an amazing contest, Audi. I've been drooling over your hats for some time - particularly this asymmetrical one.

I really appreciate knowing that even someone who has such creative style and such a varied wardrobe still gets stuck and has imperfections once in a while. I can tell you that it's certainly hard to see any from the perspective of a reader. I love how eclectic and edgy your style is and admire your innovative ability to pair pieces that I'd never have tried together.

LaJulia said...

Personally, I have taken this blog as a bit of a tutorial on how I can make my blah style better. The fact that I enjoy the outfits, they're fun to look at and your writing style is refreshing makes it easier!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing what you wear and how you wear it. Some times I think it is a great choice (actually most of the time) but there are times I don't care for it. I think by having rules that comments are only to be positive would defeat the purpose of having comments. Instead, just hire a couple of "yes" people who would tell you how great you are. But as a "yes" person, I want to say your hats are always fun and look adorable on you. I'm not sure how they would look on me since I have the world's largest head but hey, I'm willing to take the chance.

Eyeliah said...

It's nothing like one of your amazing hats to bring us all out!! :-) I do enjoy when I recieve constructive critism on my blog, I must admit that it doesn't happen often (except when maybe I ask for it). Advice..... or request I guess, another interior desing inspired outfit would be great.

Alison said...

Oops, my comment seems to have disappeared. Maybe it didn't work... I checked back to try and edit oh-well. I have to say I didn't like the bloggers way of asking for only positive comments. She can just delete the bad ones if she wants. (I hope you didn't delete me...) Anyway a few months back you did a post on thigh-high boots and I loved it also loved how you talked about quality. I also really liked the post on Bjork. I've always been intrigued by her. Thank you for this opportunity!

jessica said...

Oooh, I've been admiring your hats for quite some time! What I've noticed since following blogs about sewing and fashion is that it has pushed my own style in new directions ... and because I'm growing used to the multitude of styles that get expressed and are explored, I sometimes forget how, erm, less adventurous and more uniform 'average' American style tends to be until I get reactions from the people around me re: my outfit. So thanks for continuing to experiment and documenting your outfits here!

Stephanie P. said...

I have been lurking on your blog for several months now. I enjoy it, quite frankly, because your style is very different from my own. My tastes tend to be more conservative, but your posts have helped me to think outside the box and to become more aware of my own style.

Megan said...

Hear, hear! Thank you for posting this and sharing your thoughts - I completely agree with you!

kjlangford said...

I am visiting for the first time, and have had fun browsing your archives... love your skirt/dress layering tutorial. I cannot tell a lie, you do a lot of things with your fashion that I would never do... but I love looking because you look great doing it and it gives me ideas for ways to branch out of my comfort zone.

I am new to the style blog world, but have been inspired to put more effort into my wardrobe (both as I purchase and as I pick out what to wear), and I'm even featuring a fashion friday post on my blog (which is currently a newlywed/whatever I'm obsessing over at the moment blog, ha) of my weekly highlights.

I don't have a strong opinion on the WIW debate, I can see both sides, however it's clear that her blog is now a business and a part of her brand and so feedback is necessary. Also, I'm fine with someone having a rather strict code of conduct when it comes to commenting, but to address snarky comments in an equally snarky way seems condescending and is clearly alienating some readers (whether said readers are critical/snarky commenters or not-- how many times can I say snarky?).

But really my comment here is just to introduce myself... and to win my most feared wardrobe moment- a hat... not a hat person, but would love to become one... :)

mbbored said...

I love to read your blog because it gives me hope as a scientist that I don't have to keep wearing the same jeans, t shirts and sneakers I see my colleagues in every day! You've given me the courage to mix in different fabrics, interesting cuts, and definitely more accessories.

Anonymous said...

I was chomping at the bit to find cool clothing in Europe after seeing all of the interesting and lovely things you have from your travels. Alas the things I saw in the shops I passed by seemed much like I would find here at home so I didn't get anything. I would be super grateful if someday you would talk about how you go about finding shops you like overseas. I love your posts about off topic things too. Thanks for being inspirational and for doing such an awesome giveaway!

Jay said...

Thank you so much for your blog! While I don't always agree with your style choices (skirts and I have a hate-hate relationship) I always learn something when I read your blog. Even if I don't like what you are wearing directly, it often reminds me of an item I have in my closet that I could use in a new way. I work for a company that hosts a fashion trade show, and I went from being the "Ugly Betty" of the office to the one where people say: "Wow, where did you get that?" Especially with being plus-sized, its often to easy to slip into a why bother attitude. So thank you so much!


(Also, I've had several cats in my lifetime with extra toes :D )

What we four say said...

HI again! I've been a reader for a while and have commented in the past. I also live in SF, have my own blog and am a designer as well. I want to share a funny story with you....

While on facebook one day a friend of mine from Seattle posted a photo of some cute gals in her shop. The shop being Retail Therapy on Pike Street on Capital hill in Seattle. I used to work next door to her shop and the owner Wazhma is a such a sweetheart. As I was looking at the photo something kept me engaged and it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but after a while I realized one of the gals looked familiar and then it hit me that it was you. I commented on the photo with your blog in case she wanted to check it out. THis is the power of the internet/blogosphere.

I have also been wanting to organize a SF fashion blogger meet-up, I know that SFstyle is interested. I hope that you might be too. I have been known to be slow at taking action but just want to throw it out there!

Gina said...

I'd fallen prey to wearing my clothing in rather bland and obvious ways. I started wearing very classic pieces, but I left out the funky stuff that was "me". I'd stopped wearing the vintage hats, etc. However, when I discovered your blog, I remembered how "fun" personal style could be.

Yes, our personal style does differ, but it's wonderful to see how you play with colors and especially with layers. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jan in the Haight said...

I love your unique style, and have integrated some of your creative ideas into my own. Layering skirs - genius! I also give you credit for inspiring my home decor; one of your postings gave me the idea of layering an embroidered, shorter sheer over the dark window curtains, and I love the result!


Geek Girl said...

Love reading your take on the issue. I think that if your putting yourself out there on the internet you should be open to the good and the bad. Most bloggers with a 'code of comments' usually ask that the comments just be respectful, and are open to criticism, not that all the comments be positive.

I love your interesting colour combinations and your layering is genius (often I look at your posts and go wow!). While I don't often comment I always read, much love.

Erin said...

I've just started reading a few (very carefully chosen since I'm picky) fashion blogs, and yours was among the first, along with Work With What You've Got. I really like your current styling, although I have to confess a vehement hatred for the colors orange and teal. There's nothing to be done, they just scrape over my nerves! I just just started my own fashion blog, and winning a hat would be a great post (bats eyes). However, I have an enormous, pumpkin sized head, just for your own reference. I agree that "The Code of Comments" is fairly ridiculous, except for "3.Weight is not up for debate. Mine, yours or that girl over there." That is utterly true, and something I completely agree with. On a side note, this post's shirt rocks my world.

Anonymous said...

Hello from the UK/Hungary/Serbia! I am a bit of a vagrant, so pick whichever country is most underrepresented here :)

Of your recent posts, the one on androgynous style came very timely for me. I am completely crushing on tailored men's clothing at the moment and I need someone to rein me in ;)
Otherwise, I love my fashion mixed with some serious thinking.


a fellow academic nerd

kayron8 said...

I particularly appreciate that this blog is from the point of view of a successful and intelligent woman over the age of 25. I like that although you dress in an edgy way, it's also idiosyncratic and age appropriate...not fashion victim, just you. Hooray for showing that fashion doesn't have to be one's whole life but that it can still have a place. I'll probably never be able to pull of corset-inspired belts with such aplomb, but I love seeing you do so.

Oh, and have you tried absinthe made the proper way, with the special spoon, flaming sugar and the ice water drip? Your Feuerzangenbowle article made me remember sitting in a seedy bar with my husband and the pleasure of getting this lovely elaborate drink, and the water drip-thingy (very technical, I know) was this fabulous crystal antique deal...gotta love the unexpected.

scicurious said...

I only just discovered this blog, but I am THRILLED by your posts! I am a scientist looking to dress well and with individuality as well as functionally, and I adore almost everything I see! I was wondering if you had tips on basic must-owns, as well as tips on some cheaper options, as I am still in grad school and very, very poor. Thrifting and consignment are my friends.

Thanks so much for all you do!

angie.a said...

Ok, this is just a guilt comment because I'm a serious lurker. :D What I love about your blog is that you're close in age to me, but you still have style and panache! You're not always wearing outfits I would have the guts to wear, but I still admire you for daring to be yourself. My absolute favorite outfit, the one I wish I could find the courage to wear, would be one with the striped bloomers? I LOVE those. Seriously. I also thought the costume you put together with the corset was BRILLIANT. I do like your every day styles too...and I'm in love with your shoe collection. If only I could afford the Fleuvogs!!

Hannah said...

I've always been impressed by the awesome outfits you put together (especially the steampunk ones - wow!), and even if I couldn't see myself wearing some of your outfits you are an inspiration all the same.

As for the commenting debate, I thought it was a strange request for the blogger to make. I wouldn't see the point of even having a comments section if only positive comments are allowed. It seems to stifle discussion and from my point of view only exists to boost the blogger's ego. Why not look for improvement? We are social creatures and desire social contact, and none of us is perfect. We're always growing, changing, developing, and I think feedback should always be welcome to help us on our way. Who knows, someone might come up with a way to make an outfit you're not thrilled about work.

I like Sal's (from Already Pretty) comment policy: she welcomes all comments, except the ones that are obviously insulting or rude. I think that's a lot more reasonable than trying to censor a public forum.

Thanks for the blog and the contest, keep it up!

LiLi said...

Hi, I follow your blog because I enjoy your creativiy and style. My style is more traditional, but I love color (what a change from my black-on-black days) and designs and I get inspired by your posts and pictures. Thanks for your blog, it's really inspiring!

Funnygrrl said...

I've been a silent reader for awhile now and your blog has helped me take more fashion risks. Thanks for that! As a closer to 40 than 30 year old woman it can be scary to take risks.
The outfit of yours that I like least is your Sharks outfit because I'm Canadian and we think we're the only ones who truly love hockey. :)

Suzy said...

I've had a blog since before they were blogs back when we still called them online journals, had JournalCons and used the word 'journaller' with two Ls and in the communities I run it has always been stated that it is up to the person who owns the site what comments are allowed.

If she doesn't want negativity on her site, so be it, she can state that, it is her site, her words, her time, and money. Having said that though that leaves anyone free to not read her because of her comment policy.

Brande said...

*waves enthusiastically*

Hi, my name is Brande and I'm pretty sure this is my first comment here. Yup, I'm a lurker. =P

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. When I first found it (via a link from Sally) I nearly deleted it after a few days of being bookmarked because your style is just so...BOLD! I felt like I couldn't relate to it. But I'm glad I didn't because you're now one of my favorite blogs (and I read about 30 per day). Seeing the chances you take and the way you express yourself has helped me learn to be more expressive in my own day to day life. I even layered skirts for the first time yesterday! Thanks for being an inspiration and a woman of boldness. You're awesome!

becgordo said...

I first discovered your great style on wardrobe remix and recently found you again. I, too, am a scientist and love to push the fashion envelope. It's nice to know there are a few of us out there. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Julia said...

I recently discovered your blog and just added it to my bookmarked pages! Your style is completely different than mine, but that's what I love. I'm trying to figure out what my style actually is and I find inspiration from you, and other bloggers. I love your use of hats! I find that I buy hats but am too timid to wear them - but I've started more recently.

Thank you again for this blog!

Janer said...

Well that's a great motivation! I love to wear hats and have many but your work is stunning and I would love to sport one of your pieces around town!
Discovered your blog back in December and have been checking in fairly often, as I feel you're a soul sister of style.
I'll be layering some skirts in future, which is a new one for me and I'm looking forward to it.
All the best to you Audi!

Anonymous said...

Hi Audi, I will never have your talent for layering but it does fascinate me and your looks are great to see. I also love your writing, and your boyfriend is soooo cute!
I read quite a bit through Jessica's comments and finally decided it is a maturity thing. we get more thick skinned as we age and let things bounce off easier.
I am not kidding you one bit when I say I would LOVE to win one of your hats. I love hats and especially your hats.
Thanks for the contest!

Mijo said...

I've visited a lot of fashion blogs but yours is the only one I return to over and over again. Your outfits are SO creative and inspiring. Also, I can relate to your dilemma, I work in an office where everyone wears t-shirts and khakis, all the time. You have inspired me to fight the good fight in the name of fashion.
I have no pointers for you, but will continue to sit at your feet and learn.
And I truly love your hats!

Chelsea said...

Greetings from across the bay in Berkeley! I stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago and it proves an interesting read every time. Your style strikes me as one-of-a-kind and it inspires me to try and experiment and to have fun with my clothes.

Unknown said...

I'm just chiming in, not because of the contest, but because this is the perfect opportunity to say hello, and thanks for the inspiration to just plain try harder to dress better. It takes effort, and intention, and so many have given up on that that I admire anyone who does. One of my favourite quotes I learned at "jewellery camp", from John Loring, in discussing something Paloma Picasso once said: "When I wear a red coat on a rainy day, I give a gift to all who look at me." While on one hand, it sounds terribly self-centred, on the other hand, it's true. There is really something to walking down the street and seeing someone who just plain tried to look nice. It IS a gift, in this era of sloppy dressing as the norm. So, thank you. Whenever I open the page and see you in a nice outfit, it's like I got a little gift.

Rebecca said...

I'd be so thrilled to own one of your hats! I am slow to catch on but a great admirer of your skill at layering, accessorizing and in general always looking unique and brilliant.

Re. the "other blog" policty...Any negative comment I could think to make would only be reflective of my OWN reaction and probably related to the impossibility of a certain wardrobe choice for myself.....

Elly said...

I enjoy your blog because it's an inspiration to see such a bold, eclectic style like yours folded into everyday life instead of just existing in a "pretty photo" vacuum! I love to see people who have fun with their fashion and ENJOY themselves, and I respect that even if I don't necessarily like it myself.

But while I personally don't like to leave (or read) overly negative comments, it seems to me that anyone who puts her- or himself online and actively invites judgment should be confident enough to deal with whatever form those judgments take. Otherwise, there's not much point in being online in the first place.

Janet S. said...

Just found your blog, by way of and @fritinancy. Looking forward to the scarf-tying video. As soon as I saw your scarf in the "Restrained" post, I thought "How did she tie that? Can I do that?"

I don't think of purple and bright red as restrained, even with gray and black. But then again, I need to loosen up.

Nichole McCormick said...

Wow, you have a lot of reading to do! I don't remember how I stumbled across your blog - maybe by way of Inside Out Style - not sure. However, I keep reading it because it's fun and creative. I love your adventure and versitility. And as an aspiring seamstress, I L.O.V.E. that you make your own hats!

Keep up the good work!