Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lunch Meeting

I wore this outfit when I went to lunch with gorgeous fellow bloggers Sonja and Jennine from The Coveted and Tami from fête à fête. Yes, that's how far behind I've gotten with my outfit posts -- I wore this on December 18. Thankfully Jennine was on the ball and posted about our meet-up in a much more timely fashion.

Since I was having a lunchtime meeting, I figured what more appropriate than a tie? I've really grown to love the look of a tie, and I'm inspired to try to thrift a few more in the coming months. Some pointers on wearing a tie without looking too androgynous:
  • Make sure there's at least one piece in the outfit that looks feminine. In this case, it was the fitted, short-sleeved jacket. While the plaid print and neutral color scheme are harmonious with the menswear look, the shape is figure-defining.
  • Don't tie the tie too perfectly; keep it a bit sloppy as if you're truly wearing your boyfriend's clothes. This was an easy one for me since I really am quite inept at tying a Windsor knot.
  • In the same vein as the point above, keep the outfit slouchy and relaxed looking, even if the individual pieces are tailored. I left the jacket unbuttoned, and let the cropped pants bunch up around the tops of the boots as if they came untucked on their own.
My outerwear was this lightweight, hooded black jacket with gray piping. The day turned out to be one of those glorious San Francisco winter days where you barely even need a jacket at all. We seem to be blessed with a lot of them in November and December, which makes up for the fact that we don't get much of a summer.

Short-sleeved jacket: A. Byer
Tie: thrifted
Top: Max Studio
Pants: Noa Noa
Boots: Modern Vintage
Coat: Liso Bono


WendyB said...

Way to make a tie work!

bekster said...

Very cool.

I love how everything is black (pretty much) except the vest, but it doesn't look like a black outfit because, well, it is interesting. (I wear black all the time and have recently decided to embrace that fact instead of fighting it, so it's inspiring to see a black outfit that doesn't look boring or depressingly goth.)

While I absolutely LOVE the tie and the jacket (they make the outfit), I'd be curious to see the rest of the outfit with some sort of military jacket (and maybe military/beret-like hat)... kind of Matrix meets G.I.Joe.

Dizzy Miss Lissy said...

Hmm thanks for this idea! I'm always wanting to wear a tie and figure out a 'good' way to wear it without looking too manly.. ha ha. So thanks for this.

bekster said...

*"Vest" should be "jacket."

P.S. - Any tips on how to make ties or long necklaces work with sizable boobs? I would love to do the tie thing, but thus far I haven't managed it without calling attention to an already, uh, eye-catching area.

Deborah said...

I am in love with this outfit. I've been looking and craving ties as well! You nail it as always.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me. I'd look like a bona-fide dweeb in a tie!

Lorena said...

what a way to wear a tie..... !

Audi said...

Bekster: Your suggestion is going on my 'inspiration board' (which is really just a collection of post-its stuck to the inside of my closet) immediately. Great idea!

Now to your question. I'm sure as hell no expert on how to dress a large bust, but I'll give it a go anyway. It strikes me that a tie would be a lovely trick for hiding that gaping button phenomenon that I know you busty ladies have to deal with, so perhaps a tie with a button-down shirt, and then layer a soft drapey vest over it -- you know those sort of open-fronted, jersey kind that are everywhere right now. This will keep the emphasis on the vertical. I'd say stay away from a deep v-neck as I have on here, and definitely leave any sort of sleeveless vest layer hanging open.

You can pretty much do whatever you want on the bottom, but I'd say keep the look long and match your shoes to your trousers, cropped pants, or skirt and stockings. I know that won't be tough for you, since you know how to embrace the matchy anyway. ;-) If you've got a lot of similiar colors you can always mix it up with pattern -- if you click the photos here and then zoom in, you can see that the pants have a subtle stripe pattern, the vest is plaid, and the tie is polka dot.

Oh and finally, I'd say make sure the contrast between the tie and the shirt is fairly subtle -- a black shirt with a charcoal patterned tie, for instance. You don't want the tie to, er, pop out too much. So don't put a big ol' bold stripe of red right over the girls. ;-)

Unknown said...

Love the outfit! I am a big fan of menswear inspired outfits.

Just a curiosity, basically unrelated - what kind of environment do you work in? Corporate, small business? I ask mostly because I have no clue how I could get away with some of the outfits you wear in a super-corporate environment, but I would like to move closer to a style like yours (it's a little tougher as an inbetweener, but I love the looks).

Audi said...

Brianna: I work as a scientist for a very large biotech company. I'm certain that there are segments of our company, for instance the legal department or sales, in which the dress code is more along the lines of standard coporate attire, but in a scientific position it's far more flexible. Most people I work with are in jeans and t-shirts pretty much every day, and this goes all the way up to director and VP-level people. My company also has somewhat of a reputation for being very laid back and non-corporate, and then of course I also push the boundaries as much as possible.

Unknown said...

Audi: Would you have any suggestions, or maybe previous post examples, of how to pep up corporate workwear with a style like yours? I like Steampunk-y feel, and the incredible textures and layering you do.

I'm struggling a bit, and on Fridays I like to get a little adventurous! We're not permitted jeans or short skirts, but other than that, it's pretty open so long as it's business casual or business dress.


Chelsea said...

this outfit is amazing! i love how you've bunched up the pants a bit tucked into the boots. genius, that's what you are!

Emily Kennedy said...

Like bekster I'm seeing the vest as a jacket, which means you layered two jackets, which is kind of... cool!

My favorite part is the bunching at the bottom of the crop pants. SO cute.

Anonymous said...

Mixing masculine and feminine elements is one of the most attractive things a woman can do. It shows off both her strength and her natural allure.

The tie is very cute on you; combined with the fitted jacket, it's a potent look.

Audi said...

Brianna: Actually I have a post coming up that covers this very topic! It should be posted sometime around Jan. 19-20.

Unknown said...

Awesome, thanks!

kanishk said...

I am in love with this outfit. I've been looking and craving ties as well! You nail it as always.

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