Monday, December 28, 2009


I just loved all the drape, texture, and 3-dimensionality of this outfit: the sheer batwing top, the chains and studded boots, the hint of tulle peeking out at the hemline, and of course the fantastic ruffles and shaping on this dress. This is definitely an outfit I'll use again, either for an evening outfit or in a slightly different configuration at work. The featured outerwear here is a boiled wool shawl-collar coat that I picked up in Riga a couple years ago. It's soft and drapey and basically feels like a giant sweater. It's really idea for the San Francisco climate because it's warm without being too bulky, which means I can wear it over other layers while still looking tailored.

It occurs to me that I've bought a lot of coats in my travels -- perhaps that just means that I don't pack enough warm clothes. Some might call that poor planning; I prefer to think of it as optimism.

I tend to wear this batwing top belted, because otherwise it just makes me look large and shapeless, especially over a full skirt like this one. The elastic belt keeps the excess fabric in place and still allows the top to have the unstructured, flowing look that made me like it in the first place. I like the way the keyhole back reveals part of the pattern on the dress.

Coat: Promod
Dress: All Saints
Top: Sisley
Skirt: Glam Garb by Gunlis
Tights: MP
Boots: All Black


Marie said...

I like your take on things! I have loads of coats that I buy just in case I need another vintage coat in a different color- I think I am optimistic we may move to Alaska.
Love the detail everywhere, but especially the back shots!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Eyeliah said...

Yes, I travel like an optimist too lol, it usually means I end up buying hoodies. :0)

Aradia said...

Cute outfit and lovely coat.
I liked your drop-waist coat as well.

Raquelita said...

I really love this skirt, and the draping here is indeed lovely!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love th eprint of the skirt and the textured grey tights.

Diana said...

I normally don't like batwing tops, but I really love how you wore this one here. All of the texture and layering in this outfit is simply amazing, and it works together so perfectly.

Sheila said...

What a lovely dress! The asymmetrical hem is really funky!

Nana Erin said...

I swooned a little. My favorite bit is the backside. Stunning.

A-C said...

That batwing top is phenomenal on you! The keyhole in particular. I really must kidnap you sometime and take you shopping, you have a completely different vision of clothes that I would love to incorporate into my closet.

Kari said...

That coat is incredible - I love the impeccable fit on you.

sanjeet said...

Yes, I travel like an optimist too lol, it usually means I end up buying hoodies. :0)

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