Monday, October 26, 2009

New Things

Here are those new jeans again, this time cuffed as I described before. And check out the depth of the cuff! If these suckers weren't folded they'd be all the way over my feet and right out onto the floor. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a woman with legs that long, at least not in person. Those gams would be like stilts.

I digress. This outfit was really just a rework of this one, which I loved and couldn't help repeating slightly. The soft, sheer floral over the button-down stripe is such a great way to feminize a structured, business-like shirt. This time though, I changed up the pants, shoes, and belt.

Let's talk about the shoes. These adorable lace-up pumps were a gift from the folks at Tsubo, and believe me, I was pretty excited at the prospect of receiving them. The shoes actually arrived while I was in Argentina, but when I first got back my broken toe sadly prevented me from wearing them. Obviously I've now healed enough that these were just fine for all day at work.

I've heard Sal sing the praises of Tsubos many times before, and indeed I have a pair that she sent me, so I was already expecting a well-made, comfortable shoe. But holy smokes, I actually forgot several times during the day that I even had heels on, that's how comfortable they are. If these came in some non-neutral colors I would be online ordering all of them right now. Or more likely, they'd already be in my closet. This is a perfect style for me, with the laces and the quirky heel. I could imagine a whole lot of awesomeness if they carried these in other colors -- and what if the panel on top of the foot were a second color!? How about a 2-tone olive and tan, or butter yellow and ecru, or PINK AND BURGUNDY! C'mon, guys, Tsubo lovers are funky, we're adventurous, we are ready for the 2-tone Nabus! Or at least, I am. Feel free to custom make me a pair, or three. Ahem.

On to the coat. Oh, so many wonderful new things in this outfit! The coat came from the mega super Tulle sale I took advantage of back in August. I picked up this navy pick-stitch cutie for something like $12, and as you may remember, a navy coat was on my shopping list for quite some time. I have only one complaint about this coat: the lining is cotton, which means it sticks to my clothes and causes the sleeves to bunch up inside the coat sleeves. But for $12, I'll forgive it.

Shirt: Promod
Sheer top: Noa Noa
Belt: from another Noa Noa sweater
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Tsubo
Coat: Tulle


Chan @ Chanmeleon said...

I love this outfit. LOVE.

Your wish for funky colored shoes made me remember something I read recently. There is such a thing as leather dye! It would only work if the leather was a lighter color than the color you intended to dye it to, but still, it's a thought. You'd just tape off the bits that you didn't want to dye, dampen the leather, and paint on the dye:

Interesting, eh?

C said...


Audi said...

Suz: Ooh, that's an interesting notion. I could always try it with a cheap pair of thrift store shoes first. Hmmm...

gina said...

I love the combination of the striped top with the sort of striped flowered thing on top. So much fun!!

I also really like the black and white and blue of both pieces combined with the varied coloring of the jeans. It matches so perfectly yet there's so much going on. It's the perfect color matching and pattern mixing outfit!

I've never heard of those shoes. I will have to check them out, since I love heels and I love comfortable shoes.

SHOEGAL said...

How long are the jeans? I'll be they'd be OK on me!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Another Tsubo convert. Aren't those Nabus dreamy?

Lorena said...

Super ! I will have to check that Tsubo brand... lovely jacket.

Audi said...

Shoegal: I think the jeans are about a 36" inseam. I'm 5'8" and even in my tallest heels they're still a good 4" too long. I only WISH I were that tall!

ambika said...

Always such great layers.

Alli said...

Loved the first incarnation of this outfit, and I love it again the second time! Those shoes are to die for! And I love the neckline on your new coat.