Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making a Statement

This silver chain necklace was handmade for me by gorgeous Sal as a 40th birthday present, after I admitted to her that I'm woefully inept when it comes to statement necklaces. I guess I always fear overdoing it, so for my first outing with this necklace I wore nothing but solid colors and no other jewelery. I thought the v-neck dress was a great way to frame the necklace, though next time I want to try it with something that doesn't interfere with the way the vertical chains hang.

Looking at the outfit now, I don't know why I've been so hesitant to try this look, because really this doesn't seem all that crazy statement-y. Then again I think Sal, knowing that I'm a novice, intentionally kept the necklace on the tame side in order to help me get comfortable with it. Thanks Sal; you're the best!

I ended up adding black socks to this outfit for two reasons: the criss-cross straps of the shoes conflicted too much with the bottom of the leggings, and also the leggings look better scrunched down a bit around the ankles, so the socks gave them something to stick to and stay in place. I love the buttons on the hem of the leggings, and how the color matches the decorative stitching on the shoes.

Dress: F21
Shirt: H&M
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Leggings: Noa Noa
Shoes: John Fluevog


Sheila said...

What a lovely necklace! At first glance, I actually thought it was a sparkly top.

I like the socks over the 'Vogs. It took me a minute to see where the shoe ended - it kind of looks like a high ankle bootie.

C said...

I adore this simple yet stunning. Great necklace, too!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the outfit too and what a versatile necklace. Can't wait to see how you wear it.

Stephanie N. said...

How thoughtful of Sal! I like what you've done with it.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Oh, I just love how it looks on you, Audi. And I think the outfit your assembled around the necklace is fantastic! You look radiant in that shade of blue.

And consider this your starter statement necklace. I'll keep my eye out for something funkier and chunkier for the next time I need to get you a gift!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I slouch into my office job every day in jeans and a ratty button-down but I actually have a ton of cute stuff I am too timid to wear. I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and decided to start dressing like I give a damn. I actually put together an outfit today and have had three people stop to tell me "cute outfit!" and I entirely blame you for this.

Also, I finally actually started wearing my hat instead of privately admiring it!

Thank you. :D

Audi said...

Anonymous: That's wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for sharing. Be careful; looking great and getting compliments can be habit-forming. ;-)