Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First, the good news

The good news is that fabulous and edgy UK clothier All Saints has finally launched a US site! The bad news is that they still have a little bit of work to do before it's worth shopping in, and in many cases you're actually better off ordering from the UK store. Consider this dress, which I'll admit I'm a little obsessed with:
This is the Layla dress, which believe me I would already own by now if I thought I had many occasions to wear it. But that's beside the point, what I wanted to tell you about this dress is that on the UK site it costs £175, while on the US site it costs $305. My first thought was that the price increase on the US site (£175 equals about $278 today) would be offset by the shipping being free, but hold on a minute! Worldwide shipping is free on the UK site for orders over £250. What gives, All Saints?? Why you wanna fleece us? This is the case for most items on the site, so be sure to compare the prices carefully and work out the currency conversion should you be considering a purchase.

Next up is the sadly confusing sizing situation. I already told you about the previous items I ordered, where the size conversions were accurate on the website, but not on the clothing labels; the site said that a UK 10 equals a US 6, the clothing tags said they were size US 8, and both items fit just like a size 6 ought to. The problem is, the US site does not tell you if the sizes are on the UK or US scale, and to make matters worse, I sent an email to customer service and all I got in reply was the worthless size conversion chart again (and no reply at all to my follow-up email). So I'm still left wondering, if I order a size 10 from the US site am I getting a UK 10 or a US 10? And if the items are listed in US sizes, should I really be ordering an 8??

Finally, the UK site has the wonderful vintage section, as well as several other categories which the US store lacks entirely. Boo.

My conclusion: The US site, while exciting, is not quite ready for prime time. After lots of poking around and comparing the different options, my last order (which arrived just one week after I placed it!), came from the UK site. And no, it did not contain the Layla dress. I need something to obsess over, after all.


Penny said...

OMG, that navy blue dress is AMAZING. Thanks for the heads up....why are they trying to fleece us??

Ashe Mischief said...

You know, Topshop does the same thing regarding the price. It drives me crazy, but I don't understand why they do it..

Lorena said...

I see your point---- this dress is amazing--- the color and the flow !