Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is the Deadwood Altair dress, one of the new items I received recently from All Saints (ordered from the UK site, for reasons I covered in this post). I stalked it for several months, and now I'm very relieved that it didn't sell out in my size before I finally broke down and ordered it. I just love the shaping of the dress, particularly the faux hourglass it creates in the back. Though it looks a little flannel-y in the photos, the dress is actually made of a soft, smooth cotton. Like the other All Saints items I own, the quality and fit are excellent.

This dress has loads of layering potential, both buttoned and partially unbuttoned, so I'm looking forward to experimenting with other combinations. I could see pairing it with rich reds as a way to brighten up the winter months, or combining it with a lacy or ruffled top for an interesting mix of rugged and feminine.

I think I was initially a bit sheepish about ordering this dress simply because I worried that my attraction to it was mostly based on the name: Mark and I are now working our way through all the episodes of the wonderful HBO series Deadwood, and I'm totally hooked. But after scrutinizing the photos many times online, I decided that although the name is certainly appealing, this dress has plenty of merits that would entice me even if it were called the BJ and the Bear Dress.

Incidentally, my favorite costumes in the show look nothing like my All Saints dress; they're the ones worn by Alma Garrett (Molly Parker). Somehow I think my dress is just a little more practical for office wear than any of these, but I'd love to wear something like this just once:

Shirt: H&M
Dress: All Saints
Tights: MP
Boots: vintage Morgan


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to this particular post (I love Deadwood though), but your love of pattern mixing (which has emboldened my own style choices) came to mind when I stumbled on this photograph from 1896:


Clearly, she is fearless. Also awesome. I'd wear that.

Robin said...

Deadwood is my favorite quality tv show. So fantastic. I'm a total sucker for the clever, fast dialogue.

Anonymous said...

The ruching detail on the back of the bodice is utterly fab!

Chan @ Chanmeleon said...

I really like how the collar is sort of scrunchy in the back. Can it get really tall like a vampire collar? That would be a cool look.

Audi said...

Anonymous: That photo is amazing! And yeah, I'd totally wear that too.

Suz: Theoretically yes, but the fabric is soft enough that the collar wouldn't really stay like that.

Sheila said...

Ha, BJ and the Bear!

Cute dress - but oooh, I love those costumes. Yes, one day I need to wear one of those too.

WickedThrifty said...

haven't seen the show, but these dresses represent one of my very favorite aesthetics as well. love your plaid jumper, especially that back detailing! sweet!

Alex said...

Hi Audi! I have been lurking here for a while--I love your style and it's inspired me to take more interest in what I wear--but I have a question: do you have any tips for buying clothes online? I am eyeing a few things on the AllSaints site (curse you! ;P) but I am always nervous about buying clothes online without trying them on. Any advice?

Audi said...

Alex: Welcome to the comments! That's a great question, and probably one that deserves a whole post, which I will start working on immediately! In the meantime for the All Saints stuff, I can tell you that the sizes translate very well from the UK sizes to US ones if you follow their sizing chart. I wear a size 6 US and found that the UK 10 is a perfect fit for me. If you're between sizes, I'd say go up, particularly if it's something very fitted, because the fit is true rather than being on the generous side. All Saints' sizing is also consistent piece to piece; I have a tunic, 2 dresses, a shirt, and a skirt from there and the sizing is exactly the same throughout. You'll definitely be happy with whatever you order from them; the quality is wonderful.

I hope this helps for now. Expect a post with more online shopping strategies soon!

Alex said...

Thanks a ton! I look forward to your post =D