Thursday, October 1, 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, Day 4

I felt really cute all day in this outfit. Cute and sassy, and I have Jane to thank for it. If it weren't for the challenge I'd probably have kept going in the flapper direction with this outfit and worn my black mary janes, but I love the way the cowboy boots are an unexpected rough touch to an otherwise very feminine and soft look. They also paired unexpectedly well with these rusty orange tights because of their subtle brown stitch detailing and dusty color.

With this outfit I added one clothing item and one accessory to the capsule wardrobe: the cardigan and the belt. I like that the cardigan is just a little bit longer than the layered dresses, which makes the outfit look completely different from the back than it does from the front.

Cardigan: Max Studio
Floral dress: vintage 90's
Ecru dress: Lady Language
Tights: Foot Traffic
Belt: Audra Jean
Boots: vintage


Susan B said...

Those colors are fabulous on you! Love the tights and cowboy boots.

Sheila said...

That's an awesome colour of tights - I want those! This is a super look - the belt really defines and pulls all the items together.

I love that the front would be a surprise to anyone who saw you from the back first.

Kari said...

I just love how many layers you use that are working so well together. I can't believe how well dress layering can work - it seriously looks seamless, and you have me wondering which dresses I could use to get the same effect.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Glad to be of service!
I agree - the cardigan a little longer than the dress pulls it all together. And the boots - I want them!

Seeker said...

You're the master of layering.
Love your outfit!!


Anonymous said...

You've picked such great, autumnal tones for this capsule. Love 'em!

studionn portland or said...

great great outfit and you have the perfect hair for your clothes too... love this look

Betty Crocker said...

Adorable. I always hope I could pull something like this off-- but I worry if I'd have the self confidence for it!

You look amazing.