Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well kids, I'm back, and let me tell you, it's been a challenging 2 days. First, my computer decided to punish me for leaving it turned off while I was gone, dropping the connection to my wireless keyboard so that now I can't even get past the login screen. Then last night I broke my little toe, which, though certainly not life-threatening, severely impedes my ability to walk, not to mention that it hurts like a bitch. Funny I should make it halfway around the world unscathed, only to be felled by my own apartment a day after getting back.

So here I sit at Mark's place, calling in for my work meetings and trying to resign myself to being mostly immobilized for the entire day while the swelling in my foot subsides. Thus I bring you this outfit that I wore before I left on my trip, since right now I can't even upload the rest of my vacation photos with which to do a proper wrap-up of Argentina and Uruguay. Once I get this computer business sorted out I promise I'll share some more highlights from the trip.

This dress isn't cut so well for me on top, so I always wear it with a layer over, under, or both. The top of the dress is a criss-cross cut, and sort of bags open because I'm not really busty enough for it, thus I've put a tank underneath for the sake of good taste, and the cardigan on top to hide the bagginess. I like that you can still see part of the dress pattern in the top half of the outfit.

I still have a couple more outfits from before the trip that I can post while I'm figuring out my computer situation, but with any luck I'll be able to bring you my vacation post before the end of the week.

Cardigan: S
Dress: Max Studio, thrifted
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: LA Made
Boots: All Black


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a welcome back! How did that toe break, you poor girl? And I never even got around to mailing your belated bday giftie. I'm on it, especially now that I know you're recuperating!

san said...

Oh poor toe. We now have to wait for those much anticipated pictures. I have enjoyed the ones you have posted so far. Looks like you two ladies had a blast and looks like you are good traveling companions.

Sarah Von Bargen said...

I love that bit of blue ruffle peaking out under the dress!

Antoinette said...

Looking forward to those posts! Best of luck with your toe! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Hugs, Ant

Magatha-May said...

I'm so sorry that you hurt your toe! Ouch!Where did you get those gorgeous earrings in this post, I love them.

Stephanie N. said...

Ow! I hope you feel better soon. Those boots are so cool.

eednic said...

i enjoyed your outfit posts from your trip! sorry to hear about that toe! that happened to me on Thanksgiving day in the 8th grade and I was still growing, so, my toe remains in the same position from that day (leaning to the right severely) and stopped growing. ahahhaha! was that TMI? it really isn't very noticeable in general, but I know it's there!

Sheila said...

Welcome back! I hope your computer and toe woes get better soon! I have broken several toes over the years (I'm clumsy and walk into things) and they are very painful. Tape it to the toe next to it and wear loose shoes.

Looking forward to your pics!

s.i. michaels said...

Oh, your poor toe! & hardware issues are the worst.