Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, Day 3

I didn't realize how much I'd gotten used to not blogging every day until I started doing this challenge. For many months now, I've been photographing a bunch of outfits when I put them together and then writing a few posts at once and scheduling them for several days out. And then I've gotten 'ahead' of the posts and stockpiled several days' worth of photos, so that now each post typically appears about a week after I actually wore the outfit. While it is certainly more convenient and allows me a lot more flexibility in my schedule, I have to admit that there's something satisfying about posting in real time, when I can compare the way the outfit feels with the way it comes across in the photos. For those of you with blogs, which approach do you prefer -- devoting a large chunk of time to several posts, or blogging every day?

For Day 3 of Jane's challenge, I added one clothing item and one accessory: the skirt and the earrings. Because I wore this dress as a bottom layer yesterday and it was mainly the collar and sleeves that were showing, it looks completely different here, where the skirt of the dress is now the only part showing. As you can see I used the new blazer again, but this time I buttoned it up to give it a different vibe. Here's what the back looks like; I apologize for the wrinkles! I guess I should've ironed everything before I turned it into another outfit. Not that my coworkers would ever notice!

The lighting isn't quite optimal in these shots; if I'd angled my flash a little better you'd be able to see that my tights are a rich eggplant purple, a darker and more intense shade than the tulle skirt. I thought this was a great way to brighten up an outfit that is otherwise comprised solely of neutrals. I'm really loving the combination of grays and browns lately; I think this is going to be a staple for me this fall and winter. It's still a neutral combination, but it's so much softer than black, and an easier backdrop on which to hang a few brighter colors even during the darkest winter months. I could see the gray/brown combination working well with a splash of yellow, orange, red, or even blue or green if it was the right shade.

Blazer: Victoria M. Ortiz
Dress: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: Noa Noa
Tights: Foot Traffic
Shoes: Cydwoq


Susan B said...

That jacket is so cute and versatile! I really like it with the dress/skirt.

Sheila said...

I like doing my daily blog - I can whip it off in about 10 minutes if I'm in a hurry. The big blogging sessions exhaust me (like the food entry I did this past weekend).

This outfit is great! I love how you've reversed the focus on this dress (I will be doing this with my Monday dress and covering it up with a skirt of my first attempts, inspired by you!).

I think I would like to see something up near your face - a scarf? a pin? to echo the plummy colour or pull the eye up.

I also think I want that jacket. And I like that you have so many books.

Mary said...

Love this! Especially those shoes-- they're fantastic! I feel like when I schedule a bunch of posts in advance, I lose the fun of wearing an outfit & getting immediate feedback that same day. Some weeks it's just easier to get ahead of myself and avoid the rush of daily posting... but I love to when I can!

Clair said...

I just wanted to say that yesterday, I bought purpley tights - thanks for the inspiration to step outside of my comfort zone. Eeek!

Love all the books stacked up in the background, by the way.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I prefer to blog every day - a sa jorunalist I like the writing to tight deadlines. Fast and furious!
Great outfit with the dress as a bottom layer and I love the jacket.

Anna said...

I love that you're using the same dress as a "skirt" today; that's so creative! And the brown and gray together is such a soft and sophisticated color combination, I will definitely have to try it.

Lorena said...

I prefer to blog everyday, it also allows me to see what everyone else is doing... and I have more time to comment :)

I dream of your jacket !

Anonymous said...

That jacket truly is sumptuous. A great pick for this capsule challenge.