Monday, September 28, 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, Day 1

This week I'm participating in Jane's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, aided in part by the fact that my shoe selection has already been limited by my still swollen broken toe. I'd love to say I've got the whole week's worth of outfits all carefully planned out, but the fact is that between the post-vacation jetlag and the toe situation, I haven't been as motivated as usual, so I'm just making it up as I go. At the end of the week I'll show you all the components of my capsule wardrobe.

I for sure had to select this velvet blazer as one of my items, having just brought it back from Uruguay and being excited to wear it. The designer is Victoria M. Ortiz, and let me tell you, her shop in Colonia del Sacramento is filled with all sorts of beautiful things. This blazer caught my eye because of the lace edging, brass buttons, and puff shoulders, which give it a Victorian feel. The Victorian styling is more apparent when the jacket is buttoned all the way up, but for this outfit I left it open so that more of the dress pattern would show.

These Cydwoqs are one of 3 pairs of shoes in my entire collection that are tolerable to wear right now. Being completely unwilling to wear flip flops to work, I scoured the 70 or so pairs in my closet and finally came up with the Cydwoqs, my pink sneakers, and my gray cowboy boots. This pair and the cowboy boots are what I'll be using this week for my capsule wardrobe. Interestingly, neither pair is likely what I would've chosen for the challenge had it not been for the broken toe, but I think they'll both be versatile enough to get me through the week.

Blazer: Victoria M. Ortiz
Necklace: Rhapsodia (Argentina)
Dress: 90's vintage, shortened
Tights: Foot Traffic
Shoes: Cydwoq


gina said...

Seventy pairs of shoes??? Oh my god!! Seriously?? I love this outfit. I love the jacket, and the pattern of the dress. I hope you're feeling better soon. I broke my toe almost 8 years ago, and it took longer than necessary to heal b/c I kept insisting that I didn't need to rest my foot.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am sorry to hear about your toe butif it's any consolation you look fabulous. The jacket immediately caught my eye - the cut, colour and texture is perfect for this time of year.

C said...

Ooh, love those Cydwoqs. And I adore Colonia del Sacramento. I visited a few years ago and became totally and utterly smitten with the town, deciding that I should probably just give up grad school and move there. I didn't, obviously, but it still tops my list.

Melanie said...

Ooh - I love that jacket!

Anonymous said...

Ach, your poor toe! Glad you didn't succumb to flip flops ... this does seem like the ideal time to do a capsule challenge. Love the velvet, and can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Sheila said...

Your poor foot! I have broken toes several times and it's no fun. Love the jacket - it's just gorgeous.

I just culled my shoe collection down to 63. :-P