Monday, August 24, 2009

White Rabbit

This outfit sort reminded me of a cross between an English schoolboy uniform and the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Since the vintage pocket watch doesn't actually tell time anymore I suppose I was more like the white rabbit, though I still managed to make it to all my meetings on time.

This outfit was inspired by one I saw in the new Noa Noa fall lookbook, which is filled with all sorts of gorgeous things. Noa Noa's version has harem pants, which I truly loathe, but I loved the rest of the look and thought these cropped pants, coincidentally also from Noa Noa, looked far better. I hadn't actually noticed before that there are 2 positions to button the pant cuffs; buttoning them tighter as I did here puffs the legs out a little and accentuates the riding breeches vibe.

I think I've worn this pocket watch pendant pretty much every time I've worn this gray waistcoat. It hangs in just the right spot to add contrast against the dark wool, and gives the waistcoat a classic look. For this outfit I also added another multi-chain necklace to make the outfit a little more feminine. I wore lots of silver rings but avoided earrings because I felt it would take too much away from the menswear vibe. I left the shirt untucked to add a somewhat slovenly charm, but more because I really just hate tucking in my shirt. It must be that naughty schoolboy side of me.

Blazer: thrifted
Shirt: Promod
Waistcoat: Last Kiss
Pants: Noa Noa
Shoes: John Fluevog


kristophine said...

Wow. I am so in love with that outfit, I want to buy it a nice dinner and install it a condo. Especially the pants. I would describe myself as being against cropped pants, but I may have to change my mind. And it looks so good with your hairstyle! Augh! And those shoes! This just has "win" written all over it.

WendyB said...

Love this. One of my faves!

Wasted Wishes said...

Yes, definitely a fave. I just adore waistcoats and pocket watches, so this is an all around win!

Sheila said...

This is a great outfit on you! However, the inner me is running screaming from the white tights and knickers (I'm seriously having flashbacks to grade 9 when I wore them last).

The necklaces are perfect and I love that jacket!

Stephanie N. said...

You are so darned cute in this outfit!

poet said...

Wow. I never thought white knee-high socks could look good on anyone older than 10. But they do. As does the rest of the outfit.


Anonymous said...

The contrasting stripes look fantastic together!

joanna said...

I love the way stripes on your blazer accompany the stripes on your shirt. Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Audi, Couldn't you somehow work that bondage belt Mark made into this outfit? I'm thinkin' over the vest, under the jacket? Talk about NAUGHTY!!!!! PS where are the party pics?

Gail said...

That outfit is gorgeous, I love your shoes.