Monday, August 3, 2009

Something Studded

I originally planned this outfit with bare legs in mind, but the persistent cold weather necessitated a last-minute swap. These boots had just arrived in the mail the day before, so I thought I'd try them out.

I'd had my eye on these boots for many months, but wasn't willing to pay full price for a brand I'm unfamiliar with. Then last week I was poking around on looking for something studded, and these turned up on clearance; between the additional $20 off that Endless was offering and the 6% rebate I'll get from Fat Wallet, they came out to less than half the original price.

I like the fact that the studs on these boots are fairly subtle; to me this bodes well for them not looking hopelessly dated 3 months down the road. So many of the studded items I've seen in recent months seem to have been created on the belief that if a little is good, then a lot is better. These boots already have a biker vibe going on, so to me a little goes a long way when it comes to additional embellishments. By the way, the boots are really comfortable and the tops have a clever overlapping construction, which makes them able to fit different sized calves without the need for elastic. The leather is buttery and supple and the construction seems to be good quality; I would order this brand again.

Cardigan: Solemio
Scarf and flower both came with other garments
Shirt: Max Studio
Pants: Poleci
Boots: All Black


Kimberly said...

That's fantastic that you ended up getting the boots for such a great price! Also, love that you repurposed the scarf and flower from other items. The mix of soft and badass is fantastic!

Tracey Ellle said...

u look lovely.. i love the boots

Magatha-May said...

those boots are gorgeous, and I love your flower.

Anonymous said...

Hah! You're so right about the studs, and I'm guilty of snapping up many a stud-encrusted piece. The subtlety on these boots is, indeed, a great feature.

z said...

I am studying biology and also love the fashion world... how is bio for you? Did you get more than a 4-year degree? I am only asking because I will eventually be in the same boat once I graduate. Is there anything you wish you did in college or after it? Any advice? Wow, I really am asking a lot though. Sorry. I do love your choices of clothing though - You look totally put together EVERY day!

Audi said...

Hi Alexandra! Glad to see a fellow bio enthusiast on here! I enjoy working in biotech quite a lot; I've been in the industry since 1993 and it has turned into a great career for me. I don't have a graduate degree, though over the years I've considered going back for one. At this point I doubt it would really make much of a difference for me since I have so much experience, but things have changed in recent years and it seems that these days everyone and their mother has a PhD. I guess it really depends on what area of bio you want to go into; I'm in development, which you can't really get much training for in school and where experience counts more than anything; on the research side of things I'd say you won't get very far without a graduate degree.

As far as things I wish I'd done in college, I don't think there's really much I'd change about my course of study. I can tell you the classes that I found to be the most valuable, though: Immunology, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Statistics. Actually I wish I'd taken more Stats classes; it's way more valuable than I ever thought it would be (at least it is for my job). If you're planning on going into pretty much any bio discipline, don't waste any more time then you have to on Physics, Chemistry, Biochem, or other branches of math. Just do the minimum and focus on as much bio as you can.

As for AFTER college, I really wish I'd taken off and traveled for a year after I graduated. You will most likely never get another chance to travel for that much time and for everyone I've ever met who did it, it was an experience of a lifetime that totally transformed them. If you do summer internships or other part time lab positions while you're still in school, you'll be pretty well set up for getting a job once you get back.

Geez, that was a long-winded answer. Hope it helps! If you want to chat more, feel free to drop me an email any time.

z said...

Thanks very very much for the answer! Very interesting advice on the traveling bit, I hope I can be able to do something like that. Genetics is supposed to be the Killer class, at least for sure at my university... but I'll try to keep above water in it.

I'll definitely subscribe to your blog for the lovely outfits and if I ever have any pressing questions about bio that I can't get answered I'll drop a line. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The pin and scarf MAKE it. Love the boots!

Nana Erin said...

I. Want. Those. Boots.