Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simple Elegance

When I pulled out this dress to design an outfit around it, I was all set to start layering it up and playing with belts and accessories. But once I put it on, it looked so darned cute* that I decided it didn't need much of anything, so I threw on a scarf, some simple jewelry, and shoes and called it a day. In my constant quest to be original and quirky, I sometimes overlook the elegance that exists in a simple look like this one; it's something I'm trying to get better about.

If it weren't for the scarf, this entire outfit would have cost me under $25. The dress was thrifted for around $7 and needed $12 worth of alterations to adjust the fit, the shoes and bangles were both gifts from friends, and the earrings were purchased at Cost Plus for around $5. Amazingly, the dress is a Carolina Herrera and is basically flawless. I'm still in shock that I managed to pick it up at Goodwill.

Scarf: Banana Republic
Dress: Carolina Herrera
Shoes: BC Footwear

*It looks cute except for the ugly sock marks from the outfit I had on earlier that day; I assure you that by the time I actually wore this outfit, the marks were gone.


LPC said...

You look so adorable. So classic. And still quirky. Nice...

poet said...

Bravo. This is a really pretty outfit. And I love that you brag about how inexpensive it was - I do that too, all the time, since I'm a big bargain huntress... :)


Anonymous said...

That dress was such a score. I'm still a little envious that you got to it first! But not too much ... it looks smashing on yas.

Kasmira said...

LOL - I noticed the sock marks too! I'm glad they faded. :)

You look great in this color!

Lesa said...

What a pretty color for you and such a deal!

bekster said...

Love it!

Seeker said...

You look great, love your scarf and what a cute dress indeed.
I guess it's one of those times that less is more.