Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Pair of Leopards

This outfit is dedicated to Kasmira, who ages and ages ago suggested that I pair this floral dress with a leopard print. I figured since it had been so long, I'd just pull out all the stops and wear not just one leopard print, but two. I needed a little extra 'grrr' for my workday.

Just before I left the house, I decided to throw on a pair of black tights with this outfit, since the day before I'd been fooled by the weatherman again and went bare-legged only to freeze half to death. Truly warm days in San Francisco are sort of like giant squid: we know they exist, but few people have actually seen one in its entirety. What usually happens to me is that the morning starts out full of sunshine and hope and promise, which is promptly dashed to pieces by the time I make the scant 11-mile journey from my home to the office. In San Francisco we tend to get our warm weather only in small bits and pieces, so generally by the time you've started to believe in it enough to actually start dressing for it, you're too late; the fog has rolled in and it's time to get out the tights and scarves.

Scarf: a local vintage store
Dress: an old one from the 90's
Skirt: a hand-me-up from my sister
Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue


WickedThrifty said...

i envy you- have always loved SF and it's 90-something here and too humid ;)

Kasmira said...

I very dimly remember suggesting that! I love the pattern mix. :)

Anonymous said...

So, have you got any tights stashed in a desk drawer at work?

That scarf is fantastic - love the bright border.

Sheila said...

Very cute! I love leopard. I feel like this needs a belt...could just be me.

Mervat said...

Great combo.The solid black separates the patterns perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I love Flora and Fauna together!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! Once I mixed FOUR animal prints and it was great!