Thursday, July 2, 2009

Traveling Scarf!

Kimberly's traveling scarf has arrived in San Francisco! Since it's been worn in so many creative ways already, I figured I'd have to throw in everything but the kitchen sink to try to keep up with all the stylish ladies before me. For this outfit I paired it with sapphire blue, red, gray, teal, and yes, a wee little bit of maroon for good measure.

Red, blue, and teal is a great combination that works really well with the pattern of this scarf. As I was assembling the outfit, it immediately struck me that the bright red of the belt matched perfectly with the scarf. Thus, I added the maroon pettipants as a way to bring a little bit more red tones into the outfit without looking overly matchy. The gray skirt and leggings worked as a neutral backdrop with which to make the brighter colors stand out.

Also included in the package with the scarf was a lovely surprise from the wonderful Katie. Magazines, little samples of beauty goodies, and even a ring pop?! You are too kind, Katie!

As it turned out, this outfit was perfectly suited for the blustery weather. It occurred to me during the day that a lot of people write about dressing for hot weather, or rainy weather, or cold weather, but hardly anyone writes about how to dress for wind, which we have a lot of where I work in South San Francisco. Here is my assessment of why this outfit was the ultimate wind-buster:

1. Since the dress is a wrap-style it has a tendency to fly open in the front, which of course is the worst for wind. But it's also the perfect summery item to wear this time of year, so I simply neutralized the peek-a-boo phenomenon by layering a skirt underneath. I further secured the dress by adding the sturdy elastic belt on top.

2. The skirt is a lightweight jersey material, which also flies around a lot in the wind. Just in case the skirt blew around, I had the pettipants there underneath to keep me covered.

3. The wind tends to be chilly, so I kept my legs warm (and kept the breeze from meandering up my skirt) by adding leggings. These cotton leggings are just perfect for adding a bit of warmth without being too much for the occasional moments when the wind dies down and it warms up.

4. Finally, I kept the scarf from blowing in my face by tying it in a neat bow. Take that, South San Francisco wind tunnel!

Dress: F21
Skirt: S
Pettipants: Glam Garb by Gunlis
Leggings: Noa Noa
Shoes: John Fluevog


Diana said...

Beautiful color combination! I love how you tied the scarf as a bow.

phantasnight said...

hmmm...I usually adore your outfits and thus I watch your blog on a daily basis to check out what your impressive layering skill has come up with..but today I think something is just not right in its's just a visual hunch, I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but I would guess it's too much going on down there...maybe it's the leggings that are wrinkling up around the kind of shortens the silhouette ...just my opinion, i hope I'm not upsetting you

Academichic said...

I love how you tied the scarf in a little bow! It looks great that way and for some reason makes it seem like a totally different scarf than the one I styled!

Great color mixing as well! S.

Darla said...

I read your blog almost daily but this post made me laugh. San Francisco Wind Tunnel indeed! I'm blowing away in Berkeley myself.