Friday, June 5, 2009


Who knew argyle was so versatile? Almost every time I've worn this little vest, I've paired it with another print. So far I've tried it with stripes, tartan, leopard print, plaid, and now an abstract floral. Inspired by Kasmira, I thought today I'd try my very first survey (hopefully the code will work and not screw up my post!) and ask you which of the pattern mixes you like best. Below are the other pattern mixes in which I've used this vest; vote for your favorite! Just in case the voting box doesn't work (I'm a little sceptical of it since it didn't show up in the preview pane), you can also vote by clicking this link.

Today's outfit:
Dress: Max Studio (thrifted)
Vest: A. Byer
Jacket: thrifted
Belt: Anne Klein
Shoes: Bobbi Blu

From left to right:
Cheeky (argyle with stripes)
It's a Wrap (argyle with tartan)
Wild Meets Mild (argyle with leopard print)
Nerd Girl (argyle with plaid)
Versatile (argyle with floral)

Which argyle pattern mix is your favorite?
It's a Wrap
Wild Meets Mild
Nerd Girl
Versatile free polls


Sheila said...

I love "Nerd Girl" - it's such a cheeky look. Today's outfit is lovely too - very classy - but they're all great.

Seeker said...

I think they're all great!!!
Love that skirt of today, but now my fav is Nerd Girl ;)

Have a gorgeous weekend like you, dear.


Diana said...

I love them all - it's hard to pick just one.

Unknown said...

Your style is totally unexpected and totally cute! Wonderful blog ..

Sew Lind said...

I love today's outfit with the red but just had to vote for Nerd Girl, great from top to bottom!