Thursday, June 4, 2009


This outfit underwent several transformations before I finally settled on this one, but the ultimate outcome of the whole exercise was the decision that this skirt is just not right for my skin tone. The print is cute, but the color of the background somehow manages to be both obnoxiously garish and intensely bland on me at the same time. If it weren't for the leggings acting as a barrier between my pale complexion and the mint blue skirt, the outfit would have looked truly terrible. Thus, back to the thrift store it goes. I've only worn it one other time, but since it was originally a thrifted purchase anyway it comes in at about $1.75 per wear, and I can live with that.

The necklace, however, is totally a keeper. I bought it in Prague a couple years ago and wore it a few times before I broke one of the stones loose by dropping it. I set it aside in a box of things that needed repair and forgot all about it until a few weeks ago. All it took was a little epoxy and the necklace is as good as new. Because of where the pendant hangs it's a little challenging to wear with certain tops, but it makes a very strong statement with its large size and art nouveau style.

Top: Ann Taylor
Belt: Audra Jean
Cardigan: La Redoute
Skirt: thrifted
Leggings: Nouvella
Shoes: Seychelles


Fashion and more said...

That necklace is out of this world - wow !

Call me old fashioned but i will never have leggings in my wardrobe, i think they are really unattractive (sorry, i tell it as i see it) the previous post with this skirt is great.

Biurowa said...

Very nice shoes. Sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing I didn't come across that necklace in your apartment or I TOTALLY would've stolen it. ;)

And I think the leggings were the perfect solution to making the skirt work.

Academichic said...

wow, that necklace is amazing!

So you must think I'm terribly rude but I just saw your other comment and offer meet up yesterday when I went back to that post to read everyone's sight-seeing suggestions! Thank you for such a kind offer!

I'm sorry I'm only now responding and we're off tomorrow to go spend the weekend with a friend in Berkeley. I'm really loving it here and can see why you're so happy living here! I hope you're having a great week too and thanks again for your very kind offer to help me out while here!


Eyeliah said...

yes baby blue not always te best color for sure, the only thnk i own is one dress, very similar to your skirt, I will wear it soon.

Sheila said...

Yeah, not a fan of the skirt - it's very early-mid 90s and the starkness of the colour doesn't fit with your clothing palette.

I love the necklace - what a gorgeous piece.

Seeker said...

What a gorgeous necklace, dear!!!
Def to keep, I think.
And I think I should invest in some leggings....


Emily Kennedy said...

Ha! I was wondering about that color when you first posted about the skirt. It's just not a color that could be friendly on olive-toned skin. Not that it's immediately obvious that you have olive tone, but I don't know, I think I see it.