Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Layers

I love the look of a sheer top over a button-down; it's one of my favorite ways to layer in the summer months without adding too much bulk. And as I've mentioned before, sheer garments add sexiness to an outfit even when they're only revealing areas that don't need to be covered anyway.

In this outfit, the sheer top is completely superfluous from a coverage point of view, and yet it brings a softness to the structured button-down and gives it a playful, lingerie sort of look. This is a great way to add a feminine touch to a even a conservative, corporate-worthy outfit. For more examples of sheer tops layered over button-downs, check out this post and this one.

Button-down: thrifted
Sheer top, belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Jeans: Dittos
Shoes: Born


Kat G said...

Thanks for responding to my inquiry concerning summer layering. Today's submission is one of my favorite ensembles from your collection, particularly the pieces from Let's Pretend (4/15/09) and Well Read (7/17/08). All are perfect for the workplace in NYC.

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Love that look - works really well with the belt.

eednic said...

i've never thought to wear a sheer top over a button down before. cool idea! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those green pants!

Anonymous said...

Hah! I've never thought to do sheer over a button-down. What a fantastic look.

Sheila said...

Sheer on me always looks slightly slutty (it's the boobs, *sigh*).

However, I am in love with your green jeans! I want them!

Mervat said...

I am absolutely loving this look on you. Possibly my favourite of the year (and that is saying something as I have loved every outfit you have created!).