Friday, June 26, 2009

New Incarnation

These shoes arrived last week after I found them for a steal of a price on Amazon; they're by Fly London and are remarkably comfortable even though they're not broken in yet. I'd had my eye on them for awhile, but Fly London is a pricey brand and I was hoping to snag them once they went on sale. The timing couldn't have been better; I wanted to bring a few pairs of flats to this week's conference, and these arrived just in time to make the trip.

The minidress is another old 90's romper that I had turned into a dress at my local tailor's. I never wore it all that much as a romper, which I guess is why it still looks like new. Why I didn't get rid of it years ago is a mystery, but I'm glad I didn't because I think it's much cuter, and much more wearable, in this new incarnation. It's short enough that I'm not really comfortable wearing it alone, which is why I decided to layer the tulle skirt underneath. This is a fun way to give minidresses a completely different look, since the skirt gives the outfit a long, lean, 1920's flair.

Shrug: Noa Noa
Minidress: vintage 90's
Skirt: Noa Noa
Shoes: Fly London


Diana said...

I love how you took something you weren't wearing and had it remade into something you can love. Great outfit!

Dr. Anette said...

I absolutely love your sense of style. I'm European and would love to see more or your kinds in the streets of America. Good job!

Sheila said...

I found a pair of Fly London shoes in one of my usual consignment haunts yesterday for $28.00. However, they were just a size too big! I knew I wouldn't wear them (they were sandals) because my feet would be falling out of them. Awww...

I love those tights!

elena-lu said...

love the length you gave to the dress! great trick!