Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Floral Over Plaid

Here's another way of layering a sheer top for an office-appropriate and summer-friendly look. I like the way the skirt pattern just shows through the sheer top for an overlay of floral over plaid. For those of you who are fearful of pattern mixing, this is a great way to venture into it: choose two, 2-color patterns that have at least one color in common, and make sure one of the patterns is significantly simpler than the other. Of course I added yet another pattern here with the tights, but I could just as easily have worn solid gray tights if I were less adventurous.

Though there's no black in the skirt, the floral pattern of the top ties in with the blue plaid, while the gray t-shirt and tights make sort of a midway transition point between the navy and black. This was the third of my conference outfits and another day of wearing flat shoes, which is all I brought with me on my trip last week.

T-shirt: H&M
Sheer top: Noa Noa
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: Target
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Bobbi Blu


san said...

Are you in Seattle? Welcome, thankyou for bringing the sunshine with you. I can tell that sunshine follows you around.
I love your style. I would copy you except I am significanly older than you, so I will appreciate looking at your blog pictures. You are so creative and have a fine tuned balance to your style. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie N. said...

I love it when you mix prints, plaids, and textures in this way. It has really inspired me since I started reading your blog.

Diana said...

I love how you used pattern mixing to keep the dark, monochrome colors from being too boring.

Anonymous said...

You're my pattern-mixing hero.

Robin Bailey said...

I never though of mixing florals and plaids.
It looks lovely on you, I might just have to give it a try.


Nadine said...

Oh, I LOVE this!!!

Mervat said...

You are such an inspiration Audi! I just love this outfit.

bags said...

Stumbled across your website - Very creative and I love the comment "pearls before swine" - Plaid has been very hot for us this fall.