Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suddenly Sheer

Here's that old romper I turned into a dress awhile back, making an appearance here as a tunic. And here's that annoying skirt which, after the removal of the underneath layer, is now perfectly cling-free. The only problem with it now is that without the double layers it's downright see-through when I'm in direct light (though you can't tell here), which is why I chose the romper/dress to wear over it. The length of the dress allowed me to go without a slip, which otherwise I'd have needed under the suddenly sheer skirt.

Interestingly, it felt sexier to wear a semi-sheer skirt underneath the dress, even though the amount of coverage was in fact greater. Revealing your shape through a sheer garment adds drama and sex appeal, even when the area of your body that you're revealing is an area you don't really need to cover anyway. Sheer clothing hides imperfections in the skin, all the normal lumps and bumps that us humans possess, and, if you're like me, the complete and utter lack of a tan.

Cardigan: Max Studio
Dress: Express (90's)
Skirt: Sisley
Shoes: John Fluevog


Anonymous said...

I've GOT to start layering my skirts, Audi. Maybe you could do a post on your guidelines? Every time I think about it, my mind boggles ...

Eyeliah said...

It's a great look, like the addded sock accesory.

Seeker said...

What a great look, dear!!!

Hope you'll have a fab weekend.


Fashion and more said...

All of the above & great color combination !!