Friday, May 1, 2009


This little dress is so darn comfy; I just love it. Somehow it manages to achieve that perfect balance between not constricting my waist, and yet still flattering my figure. I really dislike most empire-waist tops and dresses because they make even the skinniest gal look pregnant. And looking pregnant is fine, if, ya know, you're pregnant. But not otherwise. I don't care how comfortable the garment is, hiding your figure underneath a tent is not flattering, ever.

The secret to this dress's success lies in the shaping of its bottom half. The small pleats in the center and the slight flair at the bottom make the dress drape nicely around my curves while still leaving plenty of swingy space for me to feel comfortable and unrestricted in. And then the belt isn't right up under my bust, but down just a smidge towards my natural waist, which, though probably due in part to the fact that I don't have a big bust to fill out the top half, does help to even out the proportions.

I'm spending this weekend in Arizona, where I'll be meeting Mark's family for the first time. Wish me luck, everyone! I'll be back next week to announce the winner of my anniversary contest. I'm so glad I'm not one of the judges, because everybody looks fantastic! Best of luck to all my entrants, and thank you so much for participating. By the way, there's still time to submit entries through the end of the weekend!

Hat: San Diego Hat Company
Dress: Red Dress Shoppe
Shirt: La Redoute
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Fly London
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson


Shawn said...

Great dress! I actually have some empire dresses that I wear with cropped leggings in the summer, because they ARE so comfy!

And I know, I know....I shouldn't wear them, but they are too comfy for words! (I figure if I alternate wearing regular shirts and belts, then everyone will know that I'm not preggy---heh, heh.

Seeker said...

This is such a nice dress. And with a very cool collar detail
You look lovely


Jane said...

Have a great time. I agree the dress is great and I think it would suit a lot of people too.

Herbee said...

Meeting the fam for the first time...exciting! Have a great time!
This dress looks super cute and super soft and comfy.

Stephanie N. said...

I tried on a dress just like this earlier this week, and was sad they didn't have my size. The price was right. It looks great on you, of course.

Funny, I have always loved empire-waist dresses, provided they weren't too roomy in in the where-the-baby-would-be area. Since I was maybe 13 years old, I envisioned my wedding dress being empire-waisted, ca. 1805, like something straight out of a Jane Austen movie. Well, my husband and I decided to get married when we were only 21, just after our junior year of college. We got engaged around Christmas, and set a date for the Saturday that was one week after finals week in May. A lot of our friends and family thought that we must be pregnant, and even though we tried very hard to spread the word that this was not the case at all, I eventually caved on my dreamed-of dress design and instead built myself something that was more fitted through the waist, with a fuller skirt... because I didn't want to give anyone any ideas. A few months after the wedding, over for dinner at my grandparents' house, they asked "So, you're really not pregnant, then?" Ugh! Shoulda gone with the original design.

That was nine years ago, and now I wear empire-waisted stuff all the time. Pregnancy rumors be damned! That's a couple of years away still.

Sorry this comment got so long - I just couldn't resist sharing the story.

Stephanie N. said...

P.S.: I e-mailed you a link to my contest entry a couple of days ago. I'm being paranoid because a lot of e-mails I have sent lately have not been received by the sendees, so thought I should let you know I sent it.

i_b_erin said...

I agree with your empire assesment! I have to be careful, because I am full in the preggy for me!

Have fun with Mark's family! I know last year when I met my man's family the first time, It was back to "first date" feeling! Good luck, I am sure they will enjoy you, just like we do, and we dont get to see you in person!

Diana said...

Love, love, love this dress! Super stylish and flattering. And I definitely feel you on the empire waists. They almost never work for me, with my full hips.

sallymandy said...

If anyone has read Kendall Farr's book, The Pocket Stylist, you might remember that she says empire waist dresses are the most flattering for people with wider hips than shoulders/bust--your basic "A" shape which so many of us have. That's because empires draw attention to our smaller upper halves while deemphasizing the lower half, creating a more balanced proportion overall.

I think Audi's right in noting that the top/bottom proportion makes a big difference.

With an empire top, I feel the key is having it hit in the right place to skim around curves and not create a tent. Also, not having too much fabric built in, and having the right fabric--skimming, not stiff.

(my verification word is, appropriately, "cling.")

I really like how you did this here.

Academichic said...

I love this look and have total dress envy! It really is great and so flattering!

I do have to stand up for the empire waist though bc it actually has been a trusty friend to me. My natural waist is really high and I'm pretty up-down, so the empire waist draws attention to my thinest part and hides the less thin part when I gain weight. Just couldn't let you trash talk it, it does work for some of us ;)

Good luck with the family meet-up and looking forward to the contest results!

Jean said...

I hope the weekend meeting Mark's parents went well! My weekend at the Buddhist retreat was wonderful. x

Emily Kennedy said...

Oooh the Fly London boots with the Sidecar dress (only calling it that because ModCloth sells one that's almost identical, called the Sidecar) are a really perfect pairing. Rockin' it!