Friday, March 6, 2009


I've had this lace-up velvet vest for ages and ages -- so long that it's probably now considered vintage by some people. I'd put it away and forgotten all about it, but the other night I decided to pull out some of my old dresses and such to see if anything in there might be of use to me now, and there it was, looking almost as good as the day I bought it. When I used to wear it long ago, it was part of a dressy, evening-only outfit, but I thought the vest would look better with a more casual ensemble instead. Adding it to this combination of mixed neutrals gives the whole outfit a dressier look without being too flashy.

Tonight I'm headed up to Seattle to spend the weekend with my dear friend Jess, who you may remember. I'll be back on Monday to complete Jane's skirt challenge. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Hat: Alternative Design Studio
Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: vintage!
Skirt: H&M (shortened)
Black leggings: Kersh
Boots: Bata


Anonymous said...

What a fun piece to unearth and deploy! Have a lovely time in Seattle this weekend, beautiful.

Jennie said...

I just started following your blog recently -- and I must say, you have such inspiring style!
I especially love this look!

I have a hard time pairing tops with skirts (especially since I don't wear skirts much) -- but this is a great idea! Stylish, girly, but covered -- just what I need for work.

Thanks for sharing your wardrobe :)

agus said...

Oh, the vest is absolutely wonderful! You look great! I love these natural colours :-)

caiushia said...

you look so pretty! & I totally love the vest!

Anonymous said...

Your vest is amazing ~ I am so glad you re-found it! Don't you just love when that happens. Hope you had a great weekend, and I can't wait to see Day 3 of the skirt challenge.

Mervat said...

Hope you have a terrific time away. And, I love the combination of the pendant watch and ribboned vest.

I have now uploaded my version of inspired-by-interiors challenge that you have set. Please go to:

Thanks for the great ideas as I never would've paired a top and yellow shoes!

Mervat said...

I meant Green top...sorry!

Nadine said...

Just superb.

Tracy said...

I LOVE this look!! I just entered the world of the fashiony blog--will be back often for inspiration I am sure! :D

Anonymous said...

I adore this look. You truly have a gift!

Emily Kennedy said...

That vest is so cool. Oh so cool. You have some truly marvelous vests. Between this one, the one by Last Kiss, and the denim one, by Promod I think. Really, they add so much to your wardrobe.