Friday, March 20, 2009

Star Spangled Banner

I haven't worn this little jacket in ages because a button fell off long ago and I was too lazy to sew it back on. Today I finally got around to it and what do you know, it only took me about 2 minutes to complete the task.

I like the nautical theme going on here with the stripes and the red, white and blue. In order to keep me from looking like a walking Star Spangled Banner though, I mixed up the colors a little with these rust colored tights, which just arrived yesterday from Sock Dreams. They're a super soft, stretchy cotton blend, and they feel great. I think they'll be light and breathable enough to wear on chillier days during the summer, which we get a lot of in San Francisco. The tights come in a lot of different colors, so I'm sure I'll be ordering more. At $24, I'd consider these to be a really good deal for quality tights.

Hat: Not sure, but probably San Diego Hat Co.
Jacket: Crystal Candy
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: E.G. Smith
Shoes: Born


agus said...

You are very stylish, I'm on your blog every day, because you are great inspiration for me!

Shannon said...

I love those shoes!

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

Very chic outfit!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely the best when it comes to mixing patterns! Love it.

lunarossa said...

Fantastic! You've got so many gorgeous shoes! Love that little jacket too. Ciao. Antonella

Anonymous said...

I bow down to you oh great one of pattern mixing! You look fab, Audi!

joanna said...

A perfect understanding from me concerning the button issue! Anyway, the jacket is lovely:)

becca said...

I love those tights with those shoes. I would be staring at me feet all day with joy if I was wearing that combination.