Thursday, March 26, 2009

Corporate T-Shirt Challenge

Yesterday we had an unofficial "Wear Your Company T-Shirt To Work" day. Now, I work for a company in which it's perfectly acceptable to wear T-shirts to work EVERY day, so for most people this really isn't that big a deal. But since T-shirts are not part of my normal repertoire, I was perfectly willing to just ignore the whole thing and pretend I'd forgotten it. However, on my way out on Tuesday evening I just happened to run into my boss, who just happened to casually mention something along the lines of, "If anyone could make a giant, boxy T-shirt look fashionable, it would be you." My ego and my pride both being at stake, I decided to accept the challenge.

So here is my effort. I actually didn't have any corporate T-shirts in my possession, since the ones that have been distributed since I joined the company were all huge enough to pass directly on to my stepdad, so I had to 'borrow' one from a coworker. She thankfully gave me full license to modify it as I saw fit, so I cut out both the sleeves and the neck. In order to give it some shape, I paired it with skinny jeans and a belt. It might not have looked very fashionable, but at least it was more flattering.

Hat: A gift from Kimberly
Drape-neck shirt: Sunhee Moon
Scarf: Ralph Lauren
Arm warmers: Sock Dreams
Belt: thrifted
Jeans: Joe's
Boots: vintage


Seeker said...

Can I ask you a favour? If you are inclined, would you be so kind as

to pop over to

I just would love if you would vote for your favourite. Better if you vote for me. :)

Thank you

The Seeker

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Love it! Way to make that corporate tee your own.

Mishy said...

adorable. i'm envious you can wear pretty much whatever you'd like to work. that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Your boss is so right - you can make a t-shirt look good!

Kayla Rochelle said...

That is great! I actually have a corporate shirt that I was handed last week that has been sitting on my door, waiting for an outift to wear it with. I am determined to dress up the pea green x-large t-shirt. Thanks for giving me a bit of inspiration!

bekster said...

That's awesome! I have a large collection of t-shirts from the summer camp where I volunteer, but I am certainly NOT a t-shirt wearing kind of person. Even when I want to wear them, they are either too tight for my boobs (when the rest of the shirt fits properly) or just huge everywhere. So, the other day I cut an opening in the neckline (just a vertical cut maybe 6 inches doen from the neck) of a tighter t-shirt to provide a little more room. It gives it sort of the look of an open collar and I don't feel like I'm choking to death. For my larger shirts, I may have to try your belt and no sleeves idea.

Stephanie N. said...

Ha-ha, I love it! It's so wonderfully cheeky.

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

cool outfit!

Nadine said...

WOW you look amazing! Your boss was right!