Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Against The Rules

Here's an old garment that has had new life breathed into it. This floral minidress started out as a romper back in the early 90's, with me as its original owner. I remember purchasing it at Express back when they were still a fairly new chain, and I remember it being one of my favorite things to wear. After I decided that it was out of date and no longer wearable I still couldn't manage to part with it, so I packed it away in a dress bag and stashed it under the bed. Last month I thought it'd be fun to pull out that collection of clothes and see if anything could be restyled; among those old things I found this and another floral romper, plus the velvet vest I wore a few weeks ago. After well over a decade they suddenly looked wearable again, albeit with some modifications in the case of the rompers.

I got the idea to turn this into a dress from Erin over at Work With What You've Got. She did the same thing with a romper and it looked so cute I had to give it a try myself (it was actually her post that prompted me to brave the dust bunnies and pull the dress bag out from under the bed in the first place). Sure, I know it's against the 'rules' to re-wear a trend you sported the first time around, but hey, the trend back then was rompers, whereas this is a dress. And there's nothing exclusively 90's about floral dresses, now is there?

Also, I'm pretty damn stoked that I still fit into the same things I wore when I was 22. If that's not reason enough to break the rules, what is?

Silk shirt: thrifted
Romper: Express
Tights: Sock Dreams
Boots: Fly London


Jess. R. said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter. I had that same romper! I wore it to my high school graduation, under my gown, in 1993.

How fun to see it used in such a creative way! And congrats to you for still fitting into it. No way would mine fit, if I had it.

Nadine said...

Stunning. I always wish you posted BIGGER photos.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic re-con! I think you're allowed to break the rules for this.

Stephanie N. said...

What rules? Rules, schmules! And those colors look great together.

Anonymous said...

The other rule you're breaking is to purge stuff you haven't worn in a year ... one that I break CONSTANTLY. And see? It turned out to be a rewarding rebellion!

Linda said...

OH my gracious. Like Jess, I have come out of lurkdom to say that I owned that exact garment! Loved it! Even though I was always wearing a cardigan over it so I had to completely disrobe in the bathroom.

I, too, keep clothes around for years after their last wearing. Not that particular item, though.

Herbee said...

Audi said: Also, I'm pretty damn stoked that I still fit into the same things I wore when I was 22.

I can still fit in the same shoe size as I did when I was 22...does that count?? (~_^)

Alison said...

That's such a great idea... If only I'd kept my romper. I think I finally got rid of it 3-4 years ago. I loved the pattern and the button look. It would have made a really cute dress, but alas it is gone.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm definitely trying that with my rompers.

Herbee said...

I don't know if anyone will read this comment, so far after the original post, but I had to share this...I got an email from Bloomingdale's last night that said
"Top Three Trends You'll Love" and one was the romper! "Sweet, innocent and totally fresh."
It's true what they say, if you wait long enough.............!