Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrift Score

I can't believe I forgot to tell my blogger friends about my thrifting experience when I visited my family in Oregon last month. This little vintage suit was one of the spoils of that trip, and when I put it on today I was reminded of the whole experience. Imagine if you will the entire family, mom, dad, 3 sisters, boyfriend, aunt, and even my sister's tiny purse-sized dog, all piling into the car and touring the thrift stores of rural Oregon. I think everyone, except maybe the dog, went home with at least one item that day, but I was the big winner with this groovy 60's score, which I picked up for a mere $12. Twelve dollars! It was truly a family outing to remember.

Wearing this outfit today, I felt just like the star of a TV crime-fighting series from 1966. Can't you just picture me on a mission in South Africa? Because in those old shows, they would surely have worn a safari-inspired outfit to go along with the locale. I'm not sure what's up with the super-long belt on the jacket, but since I haven't gotten around to shortening it, I just let it hang down today. I suppose it could've doubled as a whip if I'd encountered any aggressive lions.

Suit: vintage, thrifted
Turtleneck: Laundry, also thrifted
Hat: Alternative Design Studio
Tights: Cronert
Boots: Bata


Eyeliah said...

Oh it's amazing!!! I thrift scored today too, lace up lil black booties - eek!

Geek Girl said...

The green accents really pop! that is indeed one nifty find :)

Herbee said...

This outfit is super cute...what a find! I love that your whole family went out thrifting together!

I have two questions today, Audi! HOW do you make the red and green go togther without looking Christmas-y? I have tried this and I just can't seem to make it work, but it looks great here!

And your there a hat etiquette? Can you wear it at work? Do you have to remove it in a restaurant? Or is that all just old-fashioned Miss Manners rules?

Vanessa said...

WOW! I almost never find beautiful pieces like that when I go thrifting. (Although I just scored some teal t-strap shoes that instantly made me think of you.) That is a fabulous find, and it looks great on you!

Kasmira said...

Great suit! I like the long belt - it provides some contrast to the briefness of the other pieces.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And, as always, you've upped its fantasticness with the other elements of this awesome outfit.

Audi said...

Herbee: You can indeed wear red and green together without looking Christmas-y. One trick is to choose your shades wisely; I prefer grass green to just about any other shade because it's fresh looking without being overly-bright, and doesn't have a Christmas feel. It's also a good idea to use an additional color in the outfit; since red and green are opposite one another on the color wheel, you can add a third color that 'quarters' the color wheel such as orange or blue. Red and green isn't a combo I wear a ton, but here are a few ways I've tried it:
Bad Seed

As for the question about hats, it has always been proper etiquette that a man removes his hat indoors, whereas a lady does not. So strictly speaking you're fine either way; however, I think a more modern (and equitable) rule of thumb is that if the hat is part of the outfit it stays on regardless of gender, and if it's simply outerwear then it comes off for both genders as well. I tend to wear my hats all day when I'm at work, especially since my short, straight hair is very prone to the ill effects of hat head.

Stephanie N. said...

I love the color palette you have going on here.