Monday, February 23, 2009

Shiny Red Boots

What's not to love about shiny red boots? I found these on Amazon at a deeply discounted price, and immediately knew I needed to add them to my shoe empire. Being rain boots, they're perfect for our current drizzly weather, but I can fully imagine myself wearing them on dry days as well. Incidentally, wonderful deals still abound on Amazon -- I also picked up a fantastic pair of Fly London boots which I'll show you later in the week. Amazon carries pretty much all the same styles as Endless, but for some reason the prices are much lower right now, so go forth and be shodden!

This is one of the ways I 'cheat' when I wear button-down shirts: since I hate how they feel tucked in, I often layer something else over the top to acheive a structured, fitted look while leaving my shirttails comfortably flapping. Fitted waistcoats like this one are great for adding waist definition without having anything cinching around your midsection.

The skirt came from the Goodwill $2 sale that Mark and I went to a couple weekends ago. It's a little longer than my usual preference, but since it's a full circle skirt I actually quite like the length and was fully prepared to leave it as is until I noticed a hole near the hem. This will necessitate taking maybe an inch and a half off the length, but it will still be below-the-knee. I'd say this skirt is from the 50's; considering how old it is it's in darn good shape despite the hole, and is made of a heavy wool. Not a bad acquisition for 2 bucks!

Hat: ?
Shirt: Promod
Waistcoat: Last Kiss
Skirt: vintage
Boots: Aquatalia


Jules said...

Hi there,
Nice post friend,i like your outfit.
Specially those boots,they look so fab om you..
I must admit that you really have a great taste in fashion.Keep on writing and posting friend.
And hope to see you on my blog too..=)
Take care..

WendyB said...

I covet those boots!

Unknown said...

I like your post.
Nice color combination..
You look great on it..
Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Shiny and red: Two of my favorite attributes. Well, unless we're talking, say, noses.

What IS that about Amazon's shoe prices being so far below Endless? Can't just be the shipping thing ...

bekster said...

Way to pull off funky and classy at the same time. :)

Anonymous said...

Audi, the boots are terrific on you and the skirt is a good length, despite your misgivings about that. It's good to have skirts and dresses of different lengths. I totally agree with the principle you describe re: the shirt with shaped piece on top. The waistcoat does this beautifully, and it works great on me too as it creates a flare at the hips, which I need in order to add hips on my straight body.


violetville said...

I have those exact same boots! I *love* them, and they look fabulous on you!!

Brandy said...

Great outfit specially those shiny Red Boots i just love them.