Friday, February 20, 2009

Radical New Direction

I thought I was taking my look in a radical new direction yesterday with these cowboy boots, but since no one at work said jack about them I suppose they're really not that big a departure from my usual sartorial menu. To me though, they are unlike anything I've ever owned; in fact, even a year ago I'd never have imagined myself wearing a pair of cowboy boots, let alone obsessing about finding a pair as I have been for the last couple of months. I scored this well-worn pair from eBay; I don't much like the look of new cowboy boots, but I've really warmed up to the look of beat up ones. These are a soft gray leather with subtle brown, cream, and purple stitching, which makes them pretty versatile.

The tunic top is new from the Red Dress Shoppe. I originally tried this outfit without the skirt underneath, and though the tunic is certainly long enough to wear as a dress, it somehow just didn't strike me as being work-appropriate that way. Amazing how that meager inch and a half of skirt peeking out under the hem can make such a big difference. To me it really isn't about the length of the tunic, because I have other dresses that are this short; it's more the combination of the short length with the babydoll cut that make it look too youthful for me to wear as a dress, at least at work. Perhaps with the right styling I could overcome this effect, but for now I like it just fine as a top.

Hat: Monsoon
Sweater: La Redoute
Tunic: Red Dress Shoppe
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: American Apparel
Boots: vintage Morgan


Anonymous said...

The boots are a glory to behold. And I know what you mean about adding that second layer - sometimes a mere inch can make all the difference, comfort-wise.

Anonymous said...

Nice tunic - I really like the neckline. Off topic: how do you light your photographs? Your pictures are always wonderful to look at and are really professional. What´s the secret?!

Eyeliah said...

Love the boots, I grew up in Stampede City, so they were always a must. :-)

i_b_erin said...

Hey Audi...I think I have the same boots...but I dont wear gray, so I did a brown wash over them, making them kinda of two-toned and even funkier.
I love this tunic..I am on the look for one now, and yep, I understand about one more inch!

Jean said...

Audi, why would your co-workers say anything about the boots when they didn't mention the apron the first time you wore it? You're going to have to up your game and give the co-workers a real shock!! ;-)

Fräulein Luise said...

One of the things I really do not like in fashion are cowboy boots.
Whereas your skirt would also be mine!

Audi said...

Morzel: The secret for the lighting is that I have a flash with an adjustable head, which I bounce off the ceiling rather than pointing it straight at me. This diffuses the light and gets rid of harsh shadows. If you don't have a tiltable flash, you can try putting a piece of tissue paper over your flash to soften the light. One of these days I'll show my setup in more detail in a blog post.

Anonymous said...

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Alli said...

Cute buttons on that tunic!!