Friday, February 20, 2009

Political Statement

Lately I'm loving the look of orange and green, and this little apron has proven quite valuable in bringing them together. Thankfully I don't live in Northern Ireland and need not fear making any sort of political statement with this ensemble.

I've had this skirt for quite some time, and though the pattern is busy the colors are fairly drab. However, the subtle blend of yellow, green, pink, and brown makes the skirt very versatile in terms of what I can pair it with and which colors I choose to pull out. The soft colors make a nice backdrop for the bright orange and green.

Green silk shirt: thrifted
Scarf: import store
Cardigan: e-klah
Skirt: Mac & Jac
Apron: vintage
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Joy Chen


i_b_erin said...

Im afraid if I wore a apron to work, I would have fellow co-workers wanting to cook for them!
I love how it ties the orange and gren together, it is cute, and something I will have to try on a day off.

Gosia said...

You are fine

Stephanie N. said...

The cuteness factor is off the scale. So cute. I have thought about wearing aprons to work, but since my work is in a university theatre costume shop, I run the risk of people thinking I'm just wearing something from our costume stock.

Jean said...

Audi, I actually went thrift shopping today and scored with a short black suede jacket! In my size! I'll be posting about it this week.

Fräulein Luise said...

I could never imagine how wonderful an apron could look in daily´s outfits.

Eyeliah said...

This is so pretty, great colors.

Mervat said...

Audi, looking so cute and coulour/pattern balanced (as always!). I especially love the way that the shoes and long socks look like mighty fine boots in the picture. Take another look. What do you think?

Carolyn said...

That apron is so creative! I love it! Actually, I love aprons, but am too shy to wear them; however, you've given me some great ideas. I love your style!

Anonymous said...

That apron has definitely earned its keep!

Mervat said...

Hi Audi! I have tagged you for The Love Ya friendship award. Please pick up when you get the chance!

Jules said...

You look so cute on that outfit..
Great post!! ;D