Friday, February 13, 2009

Bin of Randomness

Today's outfit is made up mainly of thrift store finds from when Jess and I went seeking our 80's Night outfits. I dug this Max Studio dress out of a bin of randomness as I was seeking the mate to a vintage shoe, and lo and behold it was in perfect condition and my size! The pattern contains a red-orange color, so today I paired it with this orange sweater and added the teal skirt and jewelery for contrast. I spotted the Nanette Lepore (!) blazer strewn across the top of a rack of jackets in the plus-size section -- this is why it really pays to scour the entire thrift store, because there are always great things that are stuck in the wrong section.

At first I thought this jacket was a little too big, and was all set to have it taken in. But once I put it on with the drapey dress, I liked the way the slight bagginess and wide shoulders gave it a Depression-era feel, like it was a hand-me-down from a slightly curvier sister. I just love the tailoring in the back, which is always a huge selling point for me when I look for jackets.

It's hard to tell because of the resolution on these digital photos, but the jacket is black with a white grid pattern. Straight lines are one of those things where digital still just isn't as good as film.

Cowl-neck sweater: Tulle
Skirt: LA Made
Shoes: John Fluevog


Anonymous said...

Holy Freakin' Awesomeness - Max Studio and Nanette Lepore. What great thrift finds and outfit!

Jess said...

I still can't believe we never found the mates to those shoes. also, rolling my eyes over here - you're too cute. ; ) xoxo

Jean said...

That's a great outfit, and even greater since you bought them in a thrift store. I NEVER find anything worth wearing in a UK charity shop although I have a friend who seems to find amazing stuff. I think it's easier to find good items if you are a smaller size, as there is a limit on decent plus size clothes.

Anonymous said...

I love the red-orange in that dress. The navy tulle skirt adds a nice touch of a different color.

LindaLou said...

Love the color combos. From the waist up this outfit is just a polished look, but then you added the tulle & the white tights and those adorable shoes and it's a "WOWZERS" outfit! I love doing the thrift shop thing. As a side note to notSupermum, I used to think the same thing & not find anything at the thrift stores, but my friend always did. But, w/in the last 6 months I've done like Audi says and I scour the thrift stores going through every rack, hey it's my affordable retail therapy. I am a plus size and over time I have found some great things.

Audi, your jacket fits just right and I love the back detail.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pattern on the thrifted dress.