Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I bought this dress years ago to wear to a friend's wedding, only it was mid-calf length back then. I loved the black and brown print, which is why I've hung onto it, but in the last several years I hadn't worn it because I started to think it looked a little frumpy. So along with yesterday's skirt, I took it in and had it shortened at my local cleaners. I quite like it now as a cheeky minidress.

The dress has 2 layers, an opaque black lining and a semi-sheer chiffon layer on top, with the floral print. The fluttery sleeves and lightweight fabric will allow me to wear it in warmer months, even though the colors are somber. Come spring I'll have to think of ways to brighten it up by adding some vibrant color. For now it made a great starting point for a black and brown combo. The herringbone jacket, tights and boots gave me plenty of warmth for the crisp but sunny weather today.

Dress: Connected Apparel
Jacket: La Redoute
Tights: Falke
Boots: Modern Vintage


bonincontrus said...

Just today I found that exact same dress in a consignment shop. I was debating on weather to buy it or not, and if the price of $15 would be too much for it. Can I get you opinion on that please? Buy or not to buy? THAT is the question :)

Kasmira said...

I have a very similar dress (unshortened). Here's a recap I did of the way's I've worn it:

And here's a couple of my FAVORITE styling of the dress (done after the recap):

Try pairing the dress with leopard print, I think you'll like it!

Anonymous said...

So fun to make spring and summer duds work in colder weather. LOVE that necklace, too, lady.

Jessica said...

I love this dress. I have a thing for flowery things!

Emily Kennedy said...

This is a cool mix. The conservative jacket brightened up by the mini-dress, and the structure of the jacket lending interest to the continuous print of the dress.