Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Wrap

This recently-thrifted skirt just came back from cleaners, who took about a foot off the length for me. As much as I adore plaid, that big an expanse of it was a look that's way more school marm than I could deal with. Not that school marms can't be hot, mind you, it's just not a look I really know how to work. The skirt is great except that since it's a wrap style, it has the unfortunate habit of flying right open in the slightest breeze. I'll have to figure out a good way of securing it without impeding my walking too much.

The lightweight, loosely-knit sweater was unearthed during the closet purge, and is making an appearance on the blog for the first time, though I've owned it for years. The knit is so loose that the sweater is essentially see-through, so I added this argyle vest for some much-needed coverage. I like how it shows a hint of skin just below the cowl neck of the sweater.

In order to add a little color variation and avoid being too matchy, I chose these gray tights instead of black ones. They tie in nicely with the gray accents in the vest, and keep the overall look lighter than black tights would have. Plus these tights add an additional pattern into the mix here, which I think is more interesting than a solid color.

Hat: Monsoon
Sweater: Free People
Vest: A. Byer
Obi Belt: Sunhee Moon
Skirt: Charter Club (thrifted)
Tights: Hue (a gift from my little sister)
Shoes: Fly London (a gift from Mark)


Kimberly said...

Argyle + Plaid = You're my hero!

Unknown said...

You could fix the skirt with a traditional Kilt Pin (it's a sort of big fancy safety pin) or maybe use a brooch.

Anonymous said...

I know it's an odd thing to fixate on, but I love that sheer t-neck. Garments that have lots of coverage - especially turtle- and cowl necks - but are sheer and revealing fascinate me. Glad you hung onto this one!

mummabee said...

Gorgeous! I would add a kilt pin around a third of the way down, so it doesn't impede your walking, but it looks oh so stylish (and authentic!!). Love the tights too

Eyeliah said...

Great look, argyle and plaid always good. check out my blog, the last outfit post I have such a similar sweater in black!

Audi said...

Jacqui and mummabee: A kilt pin is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion; I will definitely try it!