Friday, January 30, 2009

Guest Blogger!

I'm very excited to feature a guest on today's post, my good friend Jess, who just flew in from Seattle for a visit. Jess works in a far more stuffy corporate atmosphere than mine, and yet she pulls off some of the most adorable outfits imaginable; in fact, she's one of the most stylish dressers I know. I wish she'd start her own blog, though I know her busy work schedule won't allow it right now. Anyway, I'll give the deets on my outfit and then turn it over to Jess.

Hat: Alternative Design Studio
Tunic: ??
Belt: The Red Dress Shoppe
Leggings: Kersh
Spectator boots: vintage (I just got these -- it's the first time I've worn them)
Adorable hat pin: A gift from Jess! Made by Devout Dolls

In Jess's own words:
Audi is one of my dearest friends - and so stylish it sometimes makes me roll my eyes (see photo above). But, as I heart her, she must be appeased... [xoxo!]

As it was Friday, I eschewed the suit today. It's been unseasonably cold in Seattle - even for January - my office as cold as a tomb. Outfits this week have featured many layers, so I arrived bundled up, eager for warmer temperatures. However, Audi asked me to be a guest on her blog - so before I shed my insulation, here you see me in all my cold weather (discount) finery [fueled by 2 vodka sodas from the plane and a half pint of welcome-to-SF-campari deliciousness (there's a reason I heart Audi, after all)]:

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: handknit - by me!
Coat: Target
Mittens: somewhere in Copenhagen, circa 2006
Sweater: somewhere in Prague - circa 2006
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Aerosoles (purchased years ago in SF - welcome home, boots!)

Edited to add: Jess really does have hands. How else could she hold the booze?


bonincontrus said...

Welcome to California! Great skirt, the pinkish mauve top really makes the print stand out.

Is it too personal to ask what size skirt you wear?

Jess said...

thanks for the compliment and very nice welcome! I lived in SF for several years, so it's always a treat to come back for a visit - I miss so many things! not too personal a question - it's a size 12 (H&M, which is sometimes smaller, sometimes larger than your "average" size 12). =) xo -Jess

Jean said...

I can see why the two of you are friends! You complement each other very well. Enjoy your stay in SF Jess.

lunarossa said...

Girls, you rock! You're so stylish and natural and you can see that you have tons of fun together. Have a great weekend! Ciao. Antonella
PS Love the hat pin!

i_b_erin said...

Have a fab time....You two look amazing together!! E
The boots....spectator...STUNNING!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! And gosh, you two look like you could be sisters - both in the familial sense and the stylistic one!

Anonymous said...

Awwww you guys are two peas in a pod!

Jess, I love Campari!!!! said...

You guys are like sisters with your eyes.