Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forgotten, But Not Gone

I've already started to put some long-forgotten garments back into circulation following my closet purge. Today it was this black skirt, which was a staple in my wardrobe for some time but which has been neglected in recent months. The skirt is made of slightly stretchy fabric and has these great kick pleats in the back, which makes it easy to walk in though it's got all the figure-hugging sass you'd want in a pencil skirt. The other underutilized item today was the black and white graphic tank top, which I nearly unloaded in the purge but thankfully decided to try on instead and realized it still looks great.

When I first put on the red, white, and black ensemble I liked it, but even with the pattern mixing I found it just a little subdued for my taste. Since the cropped jacket has a neckline that makes it tough to wear necklaces, I decided to add a little sparkle by using this shiny scarf. It's hard to see here, but the scarf is woven from black and metallic silver threads, and is a great substitute for a chunky piece of jewelry. The stack of silver bangles gave it the finishing touch.

Tank top: H&M
Cropped jacket: A. Byer
Scarf: Local import store
Bangles: A gift from Sal
Skirt: Max Studio
Shoes: BCBG Girls


LindaLou said...

YOW! How does your creative brain work? Who would've thought to put these pieces together in the first place AND that it all works?!! Great items and those shoes are so cute.

lunarossa said...

Love this combination, Audi! I especially like the crop tartan jacket. Ir finished perfectly the look. Well done, once more. Ciao. Antonella

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for kick pleats! Love the jacket.

Anonymous said...

Love how all of the pieces work together. The pattern mixing works well and I love that scarf!

Anonymous said...

Audi, you never cease to amaze me! I love the the circles with the plaid!

Anonymous said...

That skirt rocks - I love a kick pleat. And so excited to see those bangles getting used! They LANGUISHED in my jewelry box for ages ...

Sarah Von Bargen said...

I love your sweet little jacket! So lovely!

Stephanie N. said...

I'm loving the gutsy pattern-mixing.

Emily Kennedy said...

Oooh! Geez, I must totally have a thing for pencil skirts, but seriously! I love this!

Also, this is my favorite way of all three (four?) times that you've posted the plaid bolero. The proportions are perfectly balanced. Really.

So yeah, my favorite skirts of yours:
Orange by Sunhee Moon
Black by Max Studio
Taupe pattern by Sunhee Moon
Navy by Moon Collection

Zing! All the pencils in the case!