Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ironically, Kasmira posted yesterday about the mod look, and I'd completely forgotten that I wore the very look she described last Friday but had not yet posted it. So here it is, my cheeky and very mod Friday outfit from last week. This is the sort of outfit I always seem to save for a Friday, for some reason.

This little vintage reproduction dress is nipped in just a touch at the waist for a sleeker look than a lot of the boxier 1960's dresses were. It is also still available from the Red Dress Shoppe on sale for $29! The leather jacket modernizes the look a little but is still in keeping with the straight lines of the mod style.

Turtleneck: La Redoute
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Modern Vintage
Jacket: Zadig & Voltaire


Anonymous said...

Love the trim - both the drapey bow at the neck, and the hot pink embellishment at the hem.

Eyeliah said...

What a fabulous lil dress!

Alli said...

This dress is to die for! Love the trim!