Friday, December 19, 2008

Lab Wear

With a day of fairly physical lab work ahead of me, I needed an outfit that met several important requirements: warm but not too warm, easy to move around in, not too bulky to wear under a lab coat, and most of all, comfortable. This outfit worked out very well.

These skinny jeans can be tough to wear with shorter tops because the low-rise waist always feels like it's revealing a little too much of my bum. Wearing them with this minidress was perfect for allowing lots of movement without worrying about sudden crack exposure. The long sleeved t-shirt layered underneath was just warm enough, and provided some much-needed coverage under the very low cut minidress. The dress is definitely not work-appropriate without something layered under or over it. The hat was thrown on in desperation when it became obvious that my hair was just not going to cooperate.

Hat: San Diego Hat Company
Shirt, dress: thrifted
Vest: Promod
Jeans: Joe's
Shoes: John Fluevog


M said...

I am curious, about the hats. I can see they complement your outfit, but do you keep the hat on your head all day? Indoors as well as outdoors? If so, are there any etiquette rules when it is not appropriate...?

Eyeliah said...

ah, I gotta remember that and were my bum exposing jeans more often. :-)

i_b_erin said...

I have wondered the same question. I have worn mine a few times indoors all day and sometimes older customers ask if I just came in from outside!

I love this vest!! So much so I went to the Promod's website. Maybe I can make one :)

Vanessa said...

adorable! Great layering!

Audi said...

M and i_b_erin: The traditional etiquette for hats is that it's ok for women to wear them indoors, but not men. I think the logic is that historically men's hats were considered outerwear, whereas women's were part of the outfit. In my opinion those standards aren't really appropriate anymore. Whether the wearer is male or female, if the hat is part of the outfit then it can stay on indoors. I wear mine all day, especially since my hair cannot withstand very much hat time before it's completely flat.

Emily Kennedy said...

Yup, those skinny jeans are perfect for long tunics and mini-dresses! Although, you could go much shorter than the dress you're wearing and still look very fab.

I love the layering job here, denim, black, olive, gray, and denim.

Also, agreed that the historical customs about hat wearing inside should be tossed at this point.