Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Black and Blue

Here's Georgie again, making an appearance to add a little variety to my blog photos. I have to apologize for her unladylike pose; she hasn't been trained in the finer points of etiquette.

This outfit features a skirt worn as a dress worn as a skirt. The original garment is an ankle-length skirt, hiked all the way up and worn as a strapless dress, and then covered up to wear as a knee-length skirt. The belt keeps everything in place, since the skirt doesn't have any elastic at the waist to keep it from slipping.

Mixing navy and black can be tricky to do, and the key to making it work is to really mix everything up rather than wearing blue on the top and black on the bottom, or vice versa. Here I used a very dark navy scarf to mix up the top half of the outfit, while the tights have both black and navy to bring it all together. Imagine how dull the outfit would look with plain black tights and no scarf.

This color combo is the perfect starting point to explore pattern mixing if you've been hesitant to give it a whirl; if you stick to just the two colors you really can't go wrong with whatever patterns you try. The combination of two dark colors really requires some contrast to make the pairing look intentional. And since the color scheme is so simple, the patterns almost can't clash no matter how adventurous you get.

Scarf: Banana Republic (?)
Skirt/Dress/Skirt: Ralph Lauren
Sweater: Anne Taylor
Belt: The Red Dress Shoppe
Boots: Doc Marten


lorrwill said...

ok your clothes are wicked and all (if you ever get sick of this outfit, you just send it my way, 'k?) but I am sorry, I am completely distracted by, in awe of and wanting to hug the Georgie goggie.

No apologies for her rude girl pose. It just makes her cooler.

Jane said...

I love that skirt and your dog!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. You've taken colors that can be somewhat boring and made them look great and exciting. And your dog is just adorable.

V said...

You always mix patterns in the best way! I'm going to try to take some of your tips and apply them!

Anne At Large said...

I was just thinking, if I had come up with this it would have been with plain black tights and no scarf. You are an inspiration! This is the stuff I don't know how to do and you are a textbook How To (from possibly the most entertaining textbook ever). Thanks so much!

I might need to go buy some argyle tights now, too. Where did you ever find those?

GeminiJulia said...

This outfit is quite excellent in all sorts of ways. The skirt/dress/skirt idea is brilliant & I might just have to dig out some of those long skirts that I've been avoiding for so long.

You just have a way with clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

You posted another navy/black outfit recently that made my brain start whirring ... and now with the fantastic pattern-mixing advice thrown in, I'll DEFINITELY have to see if I can pull an outfit together.

Eyeliah said...

Yes, this is definitely toned down pattern mixing, still very lovely. I do that with my ankle length skirts sometimes too, gives them so much more versatility!

Audi said...

Anne: I got these tights at a shop in Salzburg, but it should be fairly easy to find something similar over here. Try sockdreams.com for a great selection of argyle. They also carry a lot of over-the-knee and thigh high socks, which would work just as well.

Emily Kennedy said...

I think this is my favorite way that you've worn this skirt as dress as skirt yet! Partially due to the leg and footwear which is really the perfect pairing.