Monday, November 24, 2008


This dress is from J. Crew; I wish I had one in every color they made because it fits beautifully and is very flattering on my shape. I frequently pair it with off white or camel, but today I decided to try something a little different and go with blue instead. I didn't realize until just now how much of the rest of the outfit was from Noa Noa.

As I was taking my photos this evening, Georgie made it clear that she needed to be in at least one. I'm pretty sure she was excited about the fact that her toy matches my dress.

Dress: J. Crew
Cardi, belt, tights, tulle skirt: Noa Noa
Shoes: John Fluevog


Ally said...

Awww, Georgie!!! Such a sweet little thing :) I love how your face lights up when she's near.

That dress is so pretty - I love the tulle peeking out at the bottom.

Blume said...

I was so glad for your post the other day about making clothes fit your particular body. I had a little 'click' about why you can rock some of the outfits you do, while I know they wouldn't work on me.

I have the opposite problem from you, way too much hourglass going on (though still on a small frame). And seeing this dress made me laugh, because I tried it on and it was a disaster!

Anonymous said...

The outfit looks great. I love the combination of red and light blue. One day I must visit Noa Noa.

Anonymous said...

You two are such a fashionable pair!

Jane said...

I love this look.

Eyeliah said...

I want one in every color too, love the simple shape, perfect to layer.