Friday, November 7, 2008

Eleven Little Things

So the lovely Sal over at Already Pretty tagged me with this meme about a hundred years ago, but at the time I was on vacation and when I got back I was so busy that I was barely able to keep up with my regular posts. I randomly remembered it just now and figured I'd better get cracking.

1. Clothing Shop:
Noa Noa, hands down. Sadly, they have no stores in the US.
2. Furniture Shop: Though the prices can be astronomical, I still love all the modern classics at Design Within Reach.
3. Sweet: Lemon bars
4. City: If I could live in any city in the US, it'd be the very one I live in now: San Francisco. If I was to move abroad, I'd love to live in Copenhagen.
5. Drink: Maker's Mark Manhattan
6. Music: Right now I'm loving Hjálmar, an Icelandic reggae band. Reggae sung entirely in Icelandic that deals with topics like dead sheep, elf women, and icy roads? Come on, what could be more delightful?
7. TV Series: I think my all-time favorite is still M*A*S*H. I was a kid in the 70's.
8. Film: Amelie
9. Workout: Walking my dog, Georgie -- or better yet, sailing with her.
10. Pastries: Cheese danish
11. Coffee: Any of Blue Bottle's coffees, black.

I know the meme specifies that you must tag others, but instead I'm just going to invite anyone who feels like it to share these 11 little tidbits about yourself.


WendyB said...

Cute pooch!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a little M*A*S*H. Seriously. I ate up those reruns as a kid.