Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

As I was putting together the photos for this post I began to hear car horns honking and people joyfully shouting outside, so I knew the election must have been called (as everyone will recall, I live in uber-liberal San Francisco; I don't know one single soul in this town who planned on voting for McCain, or at least none that would admit to it). Though this is of course not a political blog, I trust my readers will indulge me as I share the fact that when I clicked over to the San Francisco Chronicle web page and saw the headline, I absolutely wept with joy. This is the first time I've felt optimistic about our country's future in a decade, and I'm so proud of everyone, regardless of political affiliation, for getting out there and voting in record numbers.

These tights are some that I picked up at Noa Noa during my trip to Paris. I absolutely love Noa Noa tights; the best thing about them is the fact that they have a sewn-in seat just like old fashioned long johns, which means they actually fit around your bum instead of being stretched taught and then creeping up into unmentionable regions all day. They also have turned heels, which cuts down on the stretch and wear to the heel area.

Today's outfit had a whole different look when I put my jacket on, so I thought I'd include a picture of it too. The heavy fabric weave and raw edges added texture to the outfit, while the mix of browns and grays tied all the other pieces together. The jacket, with the wide open front, has limited utility on really cold days, but is just perfect for this brisk fall weather we've been having.

Shirt: H&M
Dress: The Red Dress Shoppe
Belt: from a local import store
Tights: Noa Noa
Shoes: Art Shoes
Jacket: Mango


Mervat said...

If I felt overjoyed (in Australia!), I can't imagine how happy you were! On the 'outfit' front, looking as good as ever!Love the brown and grey combo as always.

Jane said...

I have just acquired a Noa Noa dress form my eBay swaps. I must confess until I read your blog I had never heard of the brand. But I love the dress, it feels so special already.
The tights look as if they are the best of both worlds - as thick and stylish as leggings but more practical than tights.
I love the way you pull it totgether with the dress and the boots.
It's good to have you back.
I am being very British and trying to not to mention politics but hey. Great News!!!

WendyB said...

Fabulous jacket.

barbe said...

Just found your blog and everything is aDORABLE!!! do tell, where do you find all these great belts?? I must have some cool belts!

Jean said...

Great news about Obama!

Btw, Audi my 8 year old daughters was looking at your blog with me today and said "I like her style".

Anonymous said...

WHEN will Noa Noa get over to the states? I mean seriously.

M said...

Congratulations for your new president! In Finland we have had a female president since year 2000. I was hoping for you Americans to get one too this time, but democratic victory is great news!

Unknown said...

LOVE the jacket! Too cute for words! Also love the dress and belt.

And I was weeping last night too! It was almost surreal, almost too wonderful to bear!