Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Again

Well friends, I have returned from my travels and am back to the daily grind, still a little jetlagged but also still feeling the buzz of having had a great vacation. I promise to do another post about my travels, including some pictures, but for right now I'm going to be a lazy blogger and simply talk about today's outfit. Anyway, I haven't even gotten a chance to upload the photos from my trip yet. I only just flew in late Tuesday night, and have barely even unpacked.

Today's outfit features, not surprisingly, two items purchased while I was traveling. The dress is from my favorite shop, Noa Noa, who has at least 2 locations in Paris in addition to the others I've visited in previous trips to Copenhagen. The dress is from the latest collection; while I was there I also found a little outpost of a shop that was selling a bunch of last year's styles at 40-50% off. Score! I picked up a couple more of their layered tulle skirts that I love so much, as well as a few other things that will no doubt be appearing in this space soon.

The other new item is this denim vest from one of my other favorite European stores, Promod. I wanted to give the dress a bit more edge, and this vest hit just the right note with the seaming details and fitted cut. I like the tie front and grommet holes as well.

Looking at this outfit side by side with the one I wore just before my trip, I realized that the shoes (by Camper) and jewelry are the same. This gave me the idea to try layering one of the tulle skirts under this dress when the weather gets a bit cooler. For now I'm enjoying another little spell of Indian summer that I was kindly greeted with upon my return.


Jane said...

Welcome home - you've been missed.
Love the dress.

i_b_erin said...

glad you had a great vacation, I have missed you.
I love the dress..but the vest!!! I want one..I will have to see about making one for myself, It could go with so many things,as well as "enhancing" my figure!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, beautiful! Glad you had such a lovely holiday.

A former coworker raved about Noa Noa and I remember drooling over their site. Don't suppose they ship internationally yet?

Васил Костов said...

Well, first of all - welcome home! Hope you had a nice vacation... wait, of course you did - it's Paris! :)
I've been reading your blog for a while and I really like it, so I just wanted to say Hi and keep those great outfits coming! I love them :)

Jean said...

Welcome back Audi, I've missed checking your blog everyday! Glad you had a good holiday.

Lauryn said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog today and I absolutely LOVE it. If I had a bit more confidence, I would dress like you! Absolutely love your wardrobe and your hair style. :)

Audi said...

Thanks everyone; it's good to be home. Sal, as far as I can tell Noa Noa doesn't ship internationally, unfortunately. There will be much rejoicing if ever they do!

Emily Kennedy said...

Noa Noa and Promod! Audi faves, looking so Audi indeed. No seriously the States neeeed a Promod!

Le sigh.