Thursday, September 25, 2008


I had my hair cut and colored last weekend in preparation for my best friend's wedding, in which I'm the maid of honor. My hairdresser, Michele, has a real knack for styling my hair with that tousled sort of look, like I partied all night and have just rolled out of bed. When I've tried to duplicate it, however, my hair just ended up looking frizzy and unkempt. That is, until I tried out a couple of different products that I'm liking very much, and which I will share with all of you, in case you're still searching for that rock n' roll style without the hangover, lingering groupies, and astronomical hotel bill.

Both products are by Redken. The first is Elastic Works 09, which I put in while my hair is still wet. Crunching my hair as I blow dry adds a few waves, which I can then exaggerate by spraying Urban Experiment 8 onto my dry hair and crunching some more. This second product really adds the texture and separates the random waves. It also prevents that frizzy look I hate so much.

I didn't really feel like a rock star today as I attended meetings, wrote reports, and answered emails, but at least I sort of looked like one, or at least my hair did...

Striped shirt: Promod
Navy shirt: Aziz
Belt: Oscar
Skirt: Sunhee Moon
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Modern Vintage


Jane said...

You defintely have the rock star chic look going ong. I love the way the tattoo on your leg pops out.

Nana Erin said...

Those boots are amaing!~ And I love when your tattoos peek out of your business casual rock star uniform. It's perfect.

Leslie said...

I'm hooked on Redken's Rough Paste. Have you ever tried that? Love the "touseled" look-- I can never get it the same as the stylist on my own though!

Anonymous said...

Man alive ... I covet those boots. And am so impressed that you've mastered "touseled." I always look like I've just stepped in from a high wind when I attempt it.

Unknown said...

SERIOUSLY cool way to wear red-whit-and-blue! Wow!

Emily Kennedy said...

Way cute, and way slick way to wear red white and blue. Totally anything but unkempt, but thanks much for the product review!