Friday, September 12, 2008


This La Redoute top is perfect for uniting all these colors; the pattern contains purple, yellow, teal, and a coral red. I have lots more ideas for different ways to wear it; sometimes I actually get frustrated because I can only wear one look at a time, and have to remind myself that there will be more days to try out other combinations. Today I paired it with this purple skirt from Sisley, yellow tank from Chadwick's, Modern Vintage boots, tights from Monsoon, and necklace from Baker's.

I'm going to keep this post short because Mark is probably on his way over as I write. Have a great weekend everyone!


Jane said...

I love that skirt and those two pictures make the outfit look completely different.

Anonymous said...

Totally lusting after both tights and necklace. Wheeee! I, too, adore pieces that allow you to pair unexpected colors. I keep an eye out for scarves with unusual color combos. Anything that allows me to wear magenta, navy, and orange is a GOOD thing to have on hand!

Songy said...

I heart your purple skirt and the tights.