Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reveal Your Teal

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! I had a wonderful birthday; Mark came over bearing not only a present and a very sweet card, but also flowers and birthday cupcakes! The boy is adorable, truly. He's taking me out to dinner on Friday, so perhaps I can convince him to make a guest appearance when we're dressed up to go out.

Today is my 100th post, so I decided to do something a little special and wear the outfit I designed especially for the Cuties' latest Blogger Challenge. Now I'm not a fan of football (the American variety, anyway), but I will enthusiastically 'reveal my teal' for my San Jose Sharks, and anyway hockey season is quickly approaching and I'm pretty stoked about it. "But Audi, didn't you say that you don't watch any TV?" Why yes, that's true; I don't watch any TV at my apartment because I don't get any channels. However, Mark gets all the channels my little heart could desire, and right now it's desiring to see a few slapshots and maybe a cross-check or two.

Teal top: Red Dress Shoppe
Cropped jacket: A. Byer
Skirt: a cast-off from my sister
Shoes: Pink Studio

Go Sharks!


Anonymous said...

You lucky duck. Your team has actual stylish colors. I know, I know, it's a CHALLENGE, it's supposed to be hard. But so many teams pick positively garish combos. OK, I'll quit whining.

Great layers, as always, and especially love the peep-toes.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

San Jose Sharks: remember the playoff game last May? I was visiting relatives in Kentucky at the time and they are big, big fans (they used to live in San Jose). Well, the poor woman could not go to bed until the outcome and wasn't there, like, 4 sudden death overtimes?
P.S. love today's outfit!

Laura said...

You have the same birthday as my hubby - and we're both Sharks fans too. Maybe we'll see you at a game sometime? I've just recently started reading your blog, and wanted to drop you a note about how much I enjoy reading it and seeing your outfits. It's nice to see a Bay Area fashion perspective, as far as weather needs go, as well as style. Happy (belated) birthday! (Laura @

WendyB said...

Great little jacket.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have teased us with the thought of a guest shot of Mark you have to! It would be so fun to see you two all dressed up. I agree with the above - you are lucky your team has fun colors.

Leslie said...

Super cute! And what great colors--thanks for participating!

Eyeliah said...

great look, love the flats.